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Avengers not the movie

We finished our first draft of My Little Monster early today, and instead of being all extra-responsible and stuff, we decided to flee from responsibility and take the rest of the day off. We think it's pretty much the only thing we can do to help ourselves recover from the excessive blahness that has been going on lately.

But anyway, there was some neat stuff that happened at Disneyland on Wednesday that I wanted to talk about a little. First, there was Wednesdays with Walt, which turned out not to have Walt at all, because they showed an episode of The Wonderful World of Disney that was recorded after he passed away. It kind of drove us crazy though, because here's what happened. The premise was that the Osmond Brothers came to Disneyland to do a special show, but while they were meeting up with people to work out the logistics, Donnie went off and got lost, so most of the episode was spent showing everyone going all around the park looking for Donnie, or, in the case of Donnie, just doing fun stuff and not meeting up with the rest of the group. At least they all had fun, but we would be so stressed out if that were going on. (But it was neat to see what Disneyland looked like 45 years ago, and see what we recognized and what was different.)

What was worst was that at the very beginning, Donnie said he wanted to go on the Haunted Mansion, and despite all the shirking of responsibilities, he didn't do the one thing he wanted to do! It's okay, of course, because they all went on the ride together after they finally did the show (to which Donnie and Jay (who found him early on) arrived late). And that's why I brought the whole thing up to begin with.

Long, long ago, we were afraid to go on all the rides at Disneyland, but Athena had a special fear about the Haunted Mansion. Back in those days, you didn't have to go on the ride to know that it boasts of 999 happy haunts. "Of course, there's room for a thousand. Any volunteers? " And Athena remembered seeing something on, like, the Disney Channel or something, back when they showed Disney history stuff like we're watching at Wednesdays with Walt, and there was one thing that had a family that went on the Haunted Mansion, and when they all came off the ride, the youngest was missing! And they were like, "Where is he? Where is he?" and the camera pans out and all these ghosts are flying overhead into the mansion. And that was the end--they never found the boy!

And when you're a little kid, that kind of thing can really have an impression on you.

Now we know, after all this time, that the kid was Donnie Osmond all along! And now we know that the end of that story is he somehow made his way off the ride and became the singing voice of Shang in Disney's Mulan. (And is famous for a bunch of other reasons, I guess.) And now that we've seen it in context, we realize he probably just got lost again. Anyway, it was an interesting confrontation with the past.

When we walked out of the theater after that installment of Wednesdays with Walt, things felt kind of surreal, like when you wake up from a weird dream. But the weather was beautiful, and we had plans. Rumor had it there were special Avengers-themed desserts over at the pizza place in Tomorrowland, and we were determined to try them! Then they turned out to be ridiculously overpriced, but what isn't anymore? Nevertheless, we got a Black Widow Parfait and an Iron Man Red Velvet Waffle Face (that may not be the official name). The Black Widow Parfait had real strawberry chunks in it, but we muscled our way past the gag reflex, and ate the whole thing! And we were rewarded for our efforts with a layer of delicious Disneyland chocolate syrup at the bottom. (The whole parfait is chocolate mousse with miniature chocolate malt balls on top, over strawberry whatever-it-was, vanilla pudding, chocolate cake crumbs, and chocolate syrup. It would have been awesome if we didn't have such a strong aversion to real fruit.)

The Iron Man waffle face was delicious! And it had chocolate chips in it! But it, too, had something about it that made us sad. It was on a thick layer of cream cheese frosting. I know a lot of people love cream cheese frosting, and if you're one of those people, I would highly recommend the red velvet waffle face. But we are not among those people, and there was a LOT of cream cheese frosting, so we were sad. But the texture of the frosting was a nice complement to the texture of the cake. If only it weren't so cheesy...

Anyway, video games await us! Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, having time to finish our 3D pirate ship puzzle, unexpected encounters with the past, Disneyland's delicious chocolate syrup, and the rain we had last night.
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