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Surprise day off

For weeks and weeks now, we've been anxiously awaiting the day we were ahead enough at work that we could take the day off and play video games. Not just for video games' sake, although we do enjoy them, but because, as previously stated in recent posts, we're kind of burning out. And also because we're translating manga based on video games, and we prefer to see all the developments as they happen in the game.

Well, anyway, the point is, we got our day off today! ...But not because we had enough work done. This is kind of a problem, because now when our day off is over, we'll still be faced with mountains of work. That's why we wanted to get the work done first.

No, the reason we got a day off today is that, in all the busyness and chaos, I forgot to pay the electric bill. The electric company got fed up with me not answering the constant letters (who reads physical mail anymore?) and shut us down. But on the bright side, the bill is paid now, we have our power back, and everyone is happy! Sort of. Until tomorrow, when we have mountains of work again.

But I called the power company right away, and the very helpful phone person told me that they weren't going to send anybody out to turn the power back on until this afternoon, so we figured compulsory day off! Woohoo... Fortunately, the main video games we need to research are on handheld devices, specifically the 3DS, which was already fully charged! Tadah! And so we have spent the day playing Devil Survivor, and really wishing we could play it in Japanese. At least now we'll have some familiarization with it before we have to translate it. Looking at our current schedule, there's a possibility that wouldn't have happened if not for our surprise day off.

In other "we might not die after all" news, we have a new deadline for the constantly preempted series, and it's a little bit later than we were planning for. So that means we know with a surety that we want to work on My Little Monster first, and that we might not have to push ourselves quite so hard to get everything finished supersupersuperfast. Just supersuperfast.

Today I'm thankful for getting a chance to play lots of video games, getting the chance to familiarize ourselves with Devil Survivor, having lots of readily available non-perishable food when it turned out to be a good idea to not open the refrigerator, our power being back on now, and email reminders to pay bills.
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