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Oh man, we did not want to work today. We're just tired of work work working all the time, and I finally found the piece in our 3D puzzle that will help us keep going with the whole thing, and we have it staring at us all this time...

But work we did! And we finished it! ...Or at least what we planned to finish today. We're now down to two books that are due in two weeks, plus a third one that was originally due on Friday but is now in limbo because it got preempted by Big Hero 6. We want to finish it really fast because it's been getting preempted a lot, but we're having a really hard time pushing ourselves anymore. So we're taking the rest of the day off, because we have some TV and anime to catch up on. (We have been staying up to date on The Heroic Legend of Arslan. We were really excited to hear Silver Mask last week!)

In the meantime, we're thinking, unless we want to un-preempt the one series next, we're going to work on My Little Monster. We've been re-watching the anime on Sundays, so we're really attached to it right now. Plus, it's funny and we like all the characters, so hopefully that will boost our motivation. I'm just a little worried about it because it's not necessarily an easy translation, and difficult translations are not good for motivation.

And I need to stop typing now because the number of typos I've had to correct in this post indicates that my fingers are revolting.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota today, having My Little Monster in the very near future, finally figuring out what piece we need next, the happy surprise casting of Arslan's Silver Mask, and it being time to relax.
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