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Alethea & Athena
Making progress 
4th-May-2015 05:28 pm
Oh man, we did not want to work today. We're just tired of work work working all the time, and I finally found the piece in our 3D puzzle that will help us keep going with the whole thing, and we have it staring at us all this time...

But work we did! And we finished it! ...Or at least what we planned to finish today. We're now down to two books that are due in two weeks, plus a third one that was originally due on Friday but is now in limbo because it got preempted by Big Hero 6. We want to finish it really fast because it's been getting preempted a lot, but we're having a really hard time pushing ourselves anymore. So we're taking the rest of the day off, because we have some TV and anime to catch up on. (We have been staying up to date on The Heroic Legend of Arslan. We were really excited to hear Silver Mask last week!)

In the meantime, we're thinking, unless we want to un-preempt the one series next, we're going to work on My Little Monster. We've been re-watching the anime on Sundays, so we're really attached to it right now. Plus, it's funny and we like all the characters, so hopefully that will boost our motivation. I'm just a little worried about it because it's not necessarily an easy translation, and difficult translations are not good for motivation.

And I need to stop typing now because the number of typos I've had to correct in this post indicates that my fingers are revolting.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our work quota today, having My Little Monster in the very near future, finally figuring out what piece we need next, the happy surprise casting of Arslan's Silver Mask, and it being time to relax.
4th-May-2015 11:02 pm (UTC)
Does that mean you finished the preemptor? Should I take this as a heads-up for what to expect tomorrow? Eeeek...

I'm glad Silver Mask's voice was a surprise for you!! I caught that bit of news on ANN a while back, and listened to the preview they had, and still couldn't recognize how it was his voice at all. But I know you've got more skillz in that area than me :)

My Little Monster really is so fun and great. I hope you have a fun time working on it, whether sooner or later! And enjoy relaxing tonight!
5th-May-2015 03:13 am (UTC)
That is correct! And I totally should have responded to this sooner so you could have had a confirmation before you went to bed (unless you're up really late).

Haha, yeah, we started being extra careful with ANN headlines. It's at a point where if we glance a headline with a voice actor name in it, we automatically stop reading it and move to the next headline. Oh, but it was so hard to develop that habit! Reading is a momentum thing sometimes. And then, sometimes they'll stop giving casting spoilers for a while, and we'll be like, "Oh, they're not doing that anymore. Maybe somebody finally tipped them off to that fact that there are people who don't like that." And then we let our guard down and they start doing it again. But since we're so busy, it's usually pretty easy to forget what it was anyway...unless it was something we already had an interest in watching or something.

Anyway, yes! We heard him as Silver Mask, and we were like, "Hey, it's Kaji-kun! ...Is it? I think it is..." but we were pretty braindead and we always have to consider the possibility that we're wrong and it's somebody who just sounds like him, but we were so braindead we couldn't remember any of the voice actors that sound like him from that angle, so we just went with it, and the more he talked, the more he sounded like him, and then the credits confirmed.

But man, that kid has such a range. The first time we heard him (as a character who was in more than one episode of something) was as cute little Shiodome in Miracle Train, and then we heard him as Lyon in Fairy Tail, and we were very sad that none of our friends were watching Miracle Train or Fairy Tail, let alone both, because we wanted all of them to hear the gap between Shiodome and Lyon. Only with Lyon, you can kind of hear "cute kid who's trying really hard to sound tough," while with Silver Mask, it sounds pretty genuine. He has a lot more experience now.

Yeah, My Little Monster is great! We're pretty excited.
5th-May-2015 08:02 am (UTC)
Good to knowww :) And no worries on the timing: I wasn't expecting an immediate answer, and actually put the computer to sleep for the night right after my comment. (I was still up for a couple more hours, but...) Then the chirpy birds outside my (open! it's that warm finally!) window woke me up Bright and Early! and now hopefully I'll have a full and productive day :D
5th-May-2015 07:45 pm (UTC)
Oh, good. It's all good then.
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