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And something I forgot

We were so looking forward to a nice relaxing Sunday at home, but the Relief Society president caught us when we were harvesting bread for Bread Day (we got corn muffins and lemon poppy seed scones!) and proceeded as usual to try to get us to go to the singles' Break the Fast dinner. We usually get out of it pretty quick by saying we don't have a ride, but this time one of the ward taxi drivers happened to be right there, and we know it's good to socialize so we couldn't just say no. So we went and it was boring and almost four hours, so we don't get to do nearly as many of the things we were so looking forward to doing.

We did, however, get to work on our 3D puzzle, but our plot to use it to pique Page's interest in her boxes failed. Much as she loves to vanquish our pens and sit on the laptop and jump on the table if Athena is ignoring her while working on something for a Primary lesson, she had absolutely no interest in tackling 3D puzzle pieces. She hovered around us while we worked for a while, and then she decided we were boring (I'm guessing) and went into the other room.

Anyway, there were a couple of cute things that happened at Disneyland on Thursday that I wanted to mention but forgot to. First, we went to the Hungry Bear Restaurant to eat the candy we bought at Pooh Corner, and the really great thing about that restaurant is that it's right up against the Rivers of America, so you get a great view of the river, the boats, the plants, and most importantly, the ducks. The slightly dangerous thing about this is that the ducks realize there are people who are more than happy to share their food. This time, there was a solitary duckling going around picking up crumbs, and we were so scared it was going to be stepped on. It got cornered by a bunch of kids and seemed to panic for a little while, but fortunately it realized it could jump into the water to escape. Then it came back for more crumbs and the cycle continued. Then a few minutes later, we noticed a couple of drakes going around the tables begging for food, and we amused ourselves by classifying them as the bad influence uncles.

The other story happened while we were in line for Casey Jr. We had gotten in line right behind a family with three little girls, and one of them, who was about six or seven years old, was complaining that, "This is the boringest!" We love Casey Jr., and so could not let that comment slide. Athena said to her, "It's not boring, it's awesome!" The girl didn't expect a response from outside her group, so after a pause, she said very sweetly, "Who are you, if I may ask?" It was hilarious and adorable.

Today I'm thankful for having delicious-looking scones to look forward to, getting corn muffins just when I was thinking how nice it would be if we could get corn muffins this Bread Day, making pretty good progress on our puzzle before we had to go out (even after an accidental destruction of most of our previous progress (which was not insignificant)), still having time to do one or maybe even two of the things we were hoping to do today, and having some Reese's snacksters to satisfy our chocolate craving.
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