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Happy Thanksgiving! (a little late)

Today was a very good day, I'd say. (Hey, that rhymes!) Anyway, we were a little stressed about spending Thanksgiving with people we don't know all that well, and we were especially worried because Vons was having a commercial that was saying something about how Thanksgiving is important enough to get your kids to wear a tie, and so since we never dressed up for Thanksgiving we were really worried. It really didn't help that the Bishop was all dressed up when he and his daughter came to get us. But one of the first things he said when we got in the car was the reason why he was still dressed up, and as soon as we got there, he changed clothes.

Dinner was very nice. It was the Bishop and his wife and one of their daughters and her grandmother, and their friends from one of the family wards and two of their daughters, one of whom happens to be a friend of Sarah's. The turkey was barbecued, which was interesting. It tasted just the same, except a little smokier. And they have a neat salt shaker that's filled with salt crystals and you have to turn the thingie at the top to grind the salt to sprinkle it on your food.

We were just invisible enough not to feel awkward or like we were on the spot, but visible enough not to feel left out. The sister of Sarah's friend is getting her master's degree in theatre at BYU, so we heard a lot of interesting stories. Apparently she played the king of Spain in a recent production. Also, we found out that you can get away with putting a lot more in a BYU production if it's a musical or Shakespeare, which is how they were able to put on Gypsy.

And there was chocolate silk pie. This was very very happy. And they sent us home with rolls and turkey and donuts. Very, very happy.

So tonight, in addition to all the other awesome blessings we have, I'm thankful for the Bishop and his wife, turkey, chocolate silk pie, donuts, and rolls. I'm a big fan of rolls.
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