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Merry Unbirthday to all!

We're having one of those days where it's like, "Okay, I just have to do this and this...and this and this...and that other thing and this...and then I can finally play video games!" And the list seems to be constantly acquiring new items. And that's pretty much how our work schedule has been lately, too, so we're getting pretty tired of it. That being the case, it was tempting to blow off LiveJournal again, but since it's part of our rare contact with the outside world, I figure I should at least update on weekends when we have ever so slightly more time.

Anyway, as some of you know, Thursday was our birthday! So we blew everything off and spent the day at Disneyland. Disneyland closed a little early for some reason, but that was perfect, because one of our happiest birthday memories involved going to Disneyland back when there was still an off-season, then coming home in the evening with enough time to start playing Mystic Quest, the video game we got as a birthday gift. So we came home and played Persona Q, and it was lovely.

The trip itself wasn't especially eventful, but there were a few things that stood out. First of all, they finally finished the refurbishments on the outside of It's A Small World, and now it's all clean and newly painted and pretty, and we loved it! When we went on it, I made it a point not to be distracted by the movie characters that tend to draw most of the attention since they've been added, and I was surprised (again) at just how much there is to see on this ride! There are so many animals and landmarks and people, and you can really feel a love for people all over the world. It made me wish people could look past the popular annoyance with the song and understand the message of it.

But that's enough soapboxing. We also went on the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean, and since we had just seen Ludwig von Drake at Wednesdays with Walt, we were very interested in listening to how Paul Frees (voice of Ludwig von Drake and most of the characters in Pirates and the Haunted Mansion) performed all the characters. I tend to complain about this a lot, but several years ago, they had to re(?)-record the safety spiel for when you get in the doom buggies on the Haunted Mansion, and the person who did the voice sounds super angry when he says, "Do not lower the safety bar; I will do it for you." It bothered us, because we were like, "The Ghost Host isn't mean or angry! He's welcoming and excited to show us around! That's what makes him so scary!" So that and my renewed interest in Paul Frees had me listening even closer to his narration, and it was really cool to hear all the nuance he puts into the character. Like he's being a polite host, but sometimes he has a hard time containing his enthusiasm about the cool scary things he has to show everybody.

One of the best things about the day, even though it was a really little thing, happened when we came out of Pirates of the Caribbean. The Bootstrappers pirate band was performing and we went over to listen. We got pulled away toward the end because someone called to wish us a happy birthday, so I went off to a quiet-ish spot by Tarzan's Treehouse so I could hear better. While that was going on, the Bootstrappers finished their show and went offstage for a break. They passed by where we were on the phone, and the lead singer said it was good to see us again and wished us a happy birthday. (We were wearing birthday buttons, so everybody knew. That was exciting, too--when we had our passes scanned at the gate, the person scanning them saw that it was our birthday and she got so excited! and she got out birthday buttons for us right away! so much better than last year when we had to hunt them down because they had run out.) I guess it's just always nice to have someone say that it's good to see you.

We had plenty of candy and ice cream, and we bought a 3D pirate ship puzzle! We're really excited about it, because we always wanted one of those 3D crystal puzzles, and we figure we can use Page's new boxes as the table to put it together on, and that will have Page intrigued enough about the boxes that maybe she'll start jumping on top of them and climbing through them like they were designed for. We're starting to get a teensy bit huffy when we see things on the internet about how cats can't resist boxes, because we have one right here who does just that. ...She's awful cute, though.

Today I'm thankful for all the wonderful birthday wishes from everybody, having a lovely day at Disneyland followed by video games, having a 3D pirate ship puzzle to look forward to putting together, having time to play video games last night, and lyschan giving us a bunch of Yato pics for our birthday! (If we didn't feel so crunched for time, we might have already made an icon out of one of them by now, to use on this very post.)
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