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Your Lie in April volume 1

We have a few minutes before heading out for Wednesdays with Walt, so how about a review? Spoiler level: mild.

Your Lie in April is a little hard to write about, because it all happened in such a whirlwind, and all at the same time as something else. We were able to focus on it just long enough to get the work done before we had to shift our attention elsewhere. And we had like two weeks inbetween translating the first draft and editing it. We got the assignment in early December, so we translated it before we went to Fresno for the holidays...and we finished editing it just a few days ago as of this writing (January 13), so I guess there was actually a month of lag there. It would have been one thing if we spent that month thinking about the book, but we didn't have time for that.

The funny thing about the assignment was that the editor, in telling us where we might run into some difficulty, said the musical sections might require more research. Our response was, "Are you kidding me? We love classical music!" And in fact, the music stuff gave us very little trouble. We did need to do extra research, because, even though we do love classical music, we're not exactly well-versed in it. But most of the time, it was a quick Wikipedia/Google search.

What really gave us trouble was whenever they were talking about sports! Or more accurately, when they were playing sports and shouting sporty things at each other. It was only ever a few panels at a time, but those few panels took us forever, and we're still not sure we got it right! Maybe we need to learn to, like, ask our friends how they talk about stuff. On the other hand, all of our closest friends that we'd think to ask are not sports fans.

Anyway, the other really funny thing about this assignment is that a few weeks before it came along, we were looking at all the Crunchyroll titles, trying to find something new and interesting (read: something with Yuuki Kaji in it), and Your Lie in April caught our attention. I don't know if it was because we'd seen someone talking about it online somewhere, or if it was just a hunch, but we decided to watch it. So we watched the first episode, and we were like, "Whoa, classical music? Why haven't we been watching this already!?" But then it didn't have Kaji-kun in it, so we thought, "Well, it's interesting, but we don't have all the time in the world, so maybe we'll come back to it when we're slightly less busy."

Then the manga assignment came along, and we thought, "That's funny! Sure we'll do it." And then we were like, "Well, so much for watching more of the anime," because we didn't want our translation to be influenced by subtitles. (The ironic thing about that is there was a line in the manga that had us a little confused ("Haru ichiban da!", which means, "It's spring number one!"...or something), so we checked the anime to see if we could get more context...and to see how that translator dealt with it. Eheh...)

That was before we knew there was a no-subtitle option at Crunchyroll, so we might go back and watch the anime anyway...but we want to be surprised! So we'll probably wait. We think it will be easier to watch the anime after already reading the manga, then it will to watch the anime and then go back to the manga and be impatient to get to where the anime left off. It was really hard reading the Skip Beat! manga at first, is what I'm saying.

So anyway, back to the story. It's cool. I don't know if we have a lot to say about it at this point, although most of that might have to do with the not really having time to dwell on the series. We're definitely interested to see how it's going. Anyone who's managed to get a copy already knows that it ends right before Kaori and Kosei's first performance together, and we're really eager to see how that turns out. We love how Kosei is all, "But I can't!" and Kaori's like, "Who cares? Do it anyway!"

Kosei's condition is a very interesting one, and that, along with the talking black cat, have me very intrigued to find out what exactly is going on inside Kosei's head. As we mentioned in the translation notes, we're not 100% convinced that he didn't imagine the first group of doves that was flying around Kaori.

Oh! We're also a little interested to know... Between the chapters of the manga are bonus pages where a professional violinist talks about the music that's featured in each chapter. Each one says that you can go to YouTube and do a specific search, and it will pull up a video where they do kind of a slideshow of the manga with that music as the background. There's also some footage of the musicians playing it. Maybe now that there's an anime, those videos aren't quite so important (the idea is probably to help the readers know what the music sounds like), but we're wondering how the English version of the manga is going to handle that. Will they make English versions of those videos? That would be neat.

On a related note, I'm kind of interested in hearing those Mozart variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (but obviously not super interested, because I haven't yet; the big question is will I have found them before this review gets posted? [The answer to that is no.]).

Today I'm thankful for getting to translate a lovely series about classical music, finishing our first draft of the thing we were working on today, feeling like we're gradually getting caught up on things, plans to spend all day at Disneyland tomorrow, and getting to talk about the manga we work on.
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