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Work work work work work until it's done♪

The apparent neverendingness of our workload was starting to make us exceedingly grumpy, so we decided the only solution was to push ourselves to get as much work out of the way as possible, in the hopes of eventually having time to do stuff that wasn't work. That being the case, we worked all day on Thursday.

We would have worked all day on Friday, too, but we had a ward activity, and it was planned by the older girls in the Primary, so we wanted to go to support them. And the activity was watching Big Hero 6, which we wanted to do anyway, and was very timely because we needed to refresh our minds as to how people talk in that movie. It was a fun night, but we did kind of ruin the climax for ourselves by starting to get nitpicky about the science. If Go Go specifically engineered her wheels to not have friction, she can't use speed to burn things, because what actually burns the things is friction!

Anyway, we also got to show off the Big Hero 6 manga that we translated, and now one of our copies is on loan. We haven't had the best luck loaning things to people, so we are mildly concerned about it, but we still have one other copy, and the family seems responsible.

And then we got home and worked. And today we worked some more! And we're finally finished with Your Lie in April 3, so we're ready to get back to work on our video game project on Monday. And the plan for that is to work work work work work until it's done (anybody remember that song from Babes in Toyland? we think it's actually "hurry hurry hurry till it's done," but whenever we have tons of work, we alter the lyrics for our own purposes), and then we have until the next Monday for Say I Love You, and a bunch of other stuff that needs to be worked out from there. But the important thing is that hopefully we can take the day off on Thursday.

Today I'm thankful for getting to show off some manga we translated (the girl who's reading it now is also borrowing Fairy Tail from a friend...), the grocery store having new flavors and a sale on Ben & Jerry's ice cream, getting to watch Big Hero 6, having a little time to play video games tonight (we briefly considered working instead, but it's the weekend; we might catch up on TV, though), and the lovely rainy weather.
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