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As usual, the busyness continues

Mostly I'm just making sure I post because it bugs me to have a "no subject" post at the top of my post list. I saw that I forgot to write a subject line, and I thought it was good to leave it there as an indicator of just how frazzled we've been, but it still bothers me to see it.

Our schedule continues to be busy! But I guess that's how it is for all our LJ friends right now. But exciting things are happening! Facebook gave us two exciting pieces of information. First, the creator of Higurashi is going to be coming to Anime Expo! Oh my goodness, we're so excited. Much as I love Higurashi, I think I care more about him personally because of all his afterwords and the themes he includes in his work, and the thought processes that go into them.

Second, our friend Kyoya is going to be visiting the United States in a couple of weeks! This is exciting because we get to see a good friend from Japan, but also a little nerve-wracking because of our fear of people which makes us tongue-tied enough without having to worry about communicating in another language. But we're sure it will all work out.

In the meantime, we have a few hours tonight during which we refuse to work (for better or worse), and now we're going to go figure out what to do with them.

Today I'm thankful for exciting guests coming to Anime Expo, getting to see good friends, Page being relatively patient with us and our refusal to let her sit on the laptop, having peanut brittle to look forward to sometime when we feel like we have the time to enjoy it, and having a few free hours tonight.
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