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Unexpected encounters

Lately, we're dealing with a lot of unexpected encounters with people. Although one of those encounters hasn't happened yet, so I guess we are expecting it, but we didn't expect to have to expect it. We ordered a couple of video games from Amazon (for research!), and package tracking claims they have been delivered, but we have not seen any sign of this package. But our address tends to get mixed up with another address in the complex, so we're going to have to go ask the people there if they got our package. We tried already, but nobody was home. Last time this happened, they sent the package to the office, but the office didn't have it. We are annoyed, but we do what we have to do. (Actually we might just reorder the whole thing, but we went and ordered the collector's edition of Persona Q, and that cost significantly more money. (We wanted it because it comes with a soundtrack, and that makes it easier to decide what music to listen to when we're working on Persona Q.))

Last night, we had another unexpected encounter. We were reviewing some lessons on Irish when we heard our gate open. We thought it might be someone bringing our package to us, so we were excited to get the door! But it wasn't our package. It was a couple of guys from the Church of Christ, coming to invite us to a Bible study group. (As a Mormon, I was kind of intrigued at the novelty of a different religion going door to door talking to people.) I'm always interested in different perspectives, so I said I'm interested but I'd have to think about it, mostly because any such commitment would involve less time for playing video games and other types of not-work unwinding activities.

So the one guy asked if he could get in touch later, and while he was writing down information, since he seemed really interested in the word of God, I asked if he was interested in reading the Book of Mormon. Oh boy, what a can of worms that opened up.

The short version is he said no and had to justify his lack of interest by using the Bible, so we started using the Bible to refute him. There wasn't a whole lot of back and forth, actually, but when it was over we did have to scream at each other about how no, I'm pretty sure the Book of Mormon does not say anywhere that Jesus was to be born in Nazareth. (That was their evidence that it's not a true book. And of course they had to claim it was in the Book of Alma, which is the longest and hardest to check, but we've read the Book of Alma several times, and we're pretty sure it doesn't say that (although that is the type of detail I don't always latch onto). So we pulled out our new-fangled technology and searched the Gospel Library app to see where in the Book of Mormon it has the word "Nazareth." Twice: once in First Nephi when Nephi sees Mary in Nazareth in a vision (not giving birth), and once in the pronunciation guide.)

It ended with us agreeing to meet outside of their Bible study to hash things out. I think that means he's going to come back later to try to prove to us that the Book of Mormon isn't Bible-approved, because he kept saying to us, "The important thing is to keep an open mind." And I'm just like, "Yeah, I'm the one that was totally ready to go to another faith's Bible study group." And believe it or not, I had no intention of going there just to say, "No dudes, this is why you need to read the Book of Mormon instead." Especially because we don't believe in reading the Book of Mormon instead of the Bible. The two go together.

...Okay, so I guess this isn't really the short version anymore. Sorry; we just still had some venting left.

Anyway, now should be a good time for people to be home from work or school. We're off to see if we can track down a package.

Today I'm thankful for eventually getting to finish my Irish lessons, still having a fair amount of chocolate, being in the process of renewing our passports (we filled out the forms, now we need to send stuff in), already having manila envelopes, and the Book of Mormon.
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