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Alethea & Athena
8th-Apr-2015 05:44 pm
Today is the day our editor on Say I Love You reminded us that that's a thing. And to think, just a couple of days ago, our schedule for May was wide open. But on the bright side! we started Noragami 6 today, which was great because we were especially eager to find out what happens next. It was extra great because we finished the whole first draft! But it's a little scary, because less than ten pages in, we could already tell there were going to be Notes.

Speaking of Noragami, one review we read of volume one seemed to dismiss the series as a copy of Rin-ne, so we were happy to hear that Rin-ne was going to be animated--that meant there was a chance we'd get to check it out without having to spend extra money by buying the manga or something. (Not that we don't want to spend money on manga, but that we don't have a whole lot of money to spare...after we spend it all on video games.) Then we heard that Crunchyroll would be streaming it, and we had some extra time today, so we watched it!

Our goal was to prove to ourselves, once again, that people just lump things together in categories and don't bother to see the differences, and that Noragami and Rin-ne are waaaay different if you're paying any attention. Our goal failed.

It was kind of ridiculous. We were watching the opening sequence, and we saw Rinne crying tears of blood over a ten yen coin falling in the gutter, and we thought, "Okay, we can see where you might make the comparison..." Then there was the girl who had a higher than average ability to see the supernatural (like Hiyori). And then the guy came to school in a sweatsuit! What. the. heck. Are you kidding me? Come ON!

And of course, as pointed out by the reviewer, the premises are similar--they're both about a guy in a sweatsuit who's very poor, claims to be a god, and goes around helping people with their supernatural problems for a very small fee. We suspect that the two works will diverge as the stories progress, but even at the beginning there are a few noticeable differences. I mean, sure, Rinne and Yato will both take anything they can and be reluctant to part with it, but Yato has a lot less pride--he'll also demand things. Rinne is a little bit more hesitant, like when he said, "Do you have 500 yen? ...No, I can't ask for that. It's too much." Yato, on the other hand, would be like, "Got 500 yen? Great, thanks." And probably ask for more on the spot. ...And that makes him better? Sigh.

There's no Yukine equivalent, either...yet. Maybe the cat thingie from the opening sequence will be a lot like Yukine, especially if he's a shikigami or something.

It's hard to really be sure after only one episode. We'll see.

We also watched the first episode of Food Wars, which...it seems like somebody took the term "food porn" waaaaaay too seriously. Like to a disturbing level. We almost stopped watching it because of that. But the characters and premise are interesting, so we're going to give it another chance.

We want to watch all the new anime! But we also want to play video games. And the work just keep coming... It's enough to make us say, "Forget it!" and take Friday off, but we're taking a day off next week for Mom to visit, and we suspect another day will end up being taken off as well, so we want to be prepared just in case. At least Noragami is already ahead of schedule!

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Noragami, being ahead of schedule on Noragami, getting to see some new anime, claims that our new video games have been delivered (I'm going to check the mail next), and getting Tifa in Final Fantasy Record Keepers.
9th-Apr-2015 12:39 am (UTC)
I thought the difference between Noragami and Rin-ne was that people like the former and are bored by the latter. (I haven't read past like... the first chapter or two of Rin-ne, back when Viz was serializing it online years ago, so my impression may be off-base.) And yes, Yato's rotten personality totally makes him better :D or at least more entertaining to read/watch about?

I like to compare series with similar premises that differ in execution. Sometimes one series or the other suffers by comparison; other times they're both enjoyable for different reasons. But lumping things into categories and dismissing them just because of surface resemblance is sad and misses the big picture. Still, the similarities you pointed out between the two series are pretty amusing.

My Love Story!! is the only new show I'm interested in checking out: the manga is great. But since that's already being published in English, I probably won't end up watching the whole anime anyway... If you discover any especially entertaining new shows though, do tell! (edit: I forgot, I want to watch Arslan too. Again, I'm already reading the manga... But it'll be like Yona of the Dawn, if Su-won was sent into exile instead! And that is an amusing thought to me.)

(also yay yay yay Noragami volume 6!! I better hurry up and finish 5 now so I can be ready to beg for the next one as soon as you're done :D)

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9th-Apr-2015 02:47 pm (UTC)
Aha, maybe that's why people who've only read Rinne don't take to Noragami! Because they were bored by the first one and can't stop overlapping the two. Hmmm. So far, we agree that Yato is more entertaining, but since we've only seen one episode of Rinne, we have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I totally agree that it's fun to compare series! And that's part of why we're still watching Rinne. The other part is that it's a shiny new anime and we don't know who all is in it yet.

We managed to find time for My Love Story!! last night! So far it's interesting, but not must-watch. We wanted to watch Arslan, too! We heard it was going to be a Sunday anime, so we figured we'd just watch it on Mondays after Sailor Moon. But it wasn't available on Hulu this Monday, so I guess they're letting people with a Funimation membership watch a week early or something?

(Unfortunately, it might still be a while before we finish Noragami. We're taking a day off from it today for UQ Holder! and Harlequin, and then we don't know if this other project will get in the way. But! on the bright(?) side, it's due on the 20th, so we should have it done by then.)

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