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Today would have been a nice laid-back day if not for...wait, I take that back. We were editing a Kingdom Hearts translation, and it didn't take very long, but the process isn't exactly "laid-back." There was a lot of getting up and moving to the living room so we could pull up the game for comparison. I think I went over this long ago when talking about the Kingdom Hearts manga translation process, but in case I didn't, and because I like to talk, I'm going to go over it again.

The manga matches the overall story of the game, so there are a lot of lines that are taken straight out of the game. But the story is tweaked from the game, so it's not always safe to import lines straight from the game. So when we're editing the manga script, and we come across a scene where the lines are starting to sound familiar, we'll check them against a game script kindly provided by the internet. I'm not sure how legal that is, but it's sure a big help. (Besides, you can't possibly get the full impact without playing the game yourself.)

But then there are times where the game translation gets a little extra creative, and we can't be sure, based on what was said, if the line was really in the game or if it's original to the manga. And when that happens, we have to pull out our Japanese copy of the game and open up theater mode so we can compare the Japanese lines in the game with the Japanese lines in the manga. If they match, we go back to the script of questionable legality and make sure everything matches. And that is an important part of the Kingdom Hearts manga translation process. #themoreyouknow

So work wasn't exactly laid-back, but it did end early. Well, early compared to how late we've been working. A little late compared to how we used to work. But we can't breathe easy yet, because there may be impending doom...I mean busyness. We got another job offer today, and we do so hate to say no. And yet currently all we really want is a day or seven to play video games. That's okay, though. I'm sure we'll figure it all out.

Today I'm thankful for being in high demand (that means people like our work, right?), getting to finish another great volume of Kingdom Hearts manga, getting to eat Famous Amos cookies for snack time today, having double chocolate Milanos to look forward to at some point, and having time to read manga again today.
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