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Kingdom Hearts and Pollyanna

We got a late start to work today, because Disneyland asked us to take a survey. Well, we can never say no to a Disneyland survey, so of course we took the time to do it. We're glad we did, too, because it asked a lot of things about how we feel about annual passes these days and we have a lot to say on that subject. (We feel like too many people have them and the crowds are lessening the magic.)

But! we were working on Kingdom Hearts today, so even though we got a late start, we had an early finish! We put in our shiny Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMix soundtrack in, and we still had a whole disc left unlistened-to by the time we finished. That will be the first thing we listen to while we edit it. Oh man, this was a good volume, too!

Normally we'd probably take advantage of the extra time to work on Harlequin or something, but today also happens to be the day we got our package from Kinokuniya, and we have a new volume of Skip Beat! and a new volume of Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki that we're just itching to get at. (...But we might take a few minutes to buy a 3DS first.)

Also, I wanted to say a little bit about Pollyanna. We'd never seen it before, even though I think it was one of Mom's favorite movies, and she had watched it when we were home. But for some reason we didn't decide to watch it with her, so our only memories of it were vague images from when we'd cross the living room for whatever reason. But we knew the story about the crutches, and we knew that she fell out the window, and most importantly, we knew that Pollyanna was known for being off-the-charts happy.

That being the case, I was a little surprised that she wasn't super sappy, too, but then I remembered that Walt Disney doesn't work like that, much as people seem to think he does. Anyway, she was just a normal little girl, but happier. And the whole point of the movie is that we can all be happier, too, if we just use the tricks she uses.

When she finally got her doll at the fair, I cried. I was so happy for her! And Mrs. Snow was so amazing to make sure she got it--the change in her was so nice to see even though we knew that it was going to happen (it's the nature of the movie). Athena points out how when Mrs. Snow was trying to drive Pollyanna off, the first thing she goes for is her looks, because that's what a lot of people are insecure about. So she goes, "You have a stubby little nose!" and Pollyanna goes, "I know it!" She wasn't even fazed. Like she knows what she looks like, and maybe she doesn't think she's the prettiest around, but she's okay with it. It's great.

And Pendergast! He was hilarious. When he took Jimmy to barbershop and everybody was arguing about the bazaar, we were putting words in his mouth, like, "This is why I stopped leaving my house." I think we might have the most in common with him.

But back to the doll. Oh my goodness, the doll. Pollyanna was climbing up the tree to get back to her room, and the movie was getting close to being over, so we were like, "We know she has to fall because that's how the movie is, but PLEASE let the doll be okay!" I mean, it's bad enough the girl has to sustain severe injuries, but if she lost the doll, the only thing she ever wanted in her whole life, that would just be too much. We were relieved when the doll was okay, but that was before we realized that the fall paralyzed Pollyanna. So we were relieved again when Dr. Chilton said they could fix it. Probably.

They could probably fix it. And that's the one problem we have with the whole movie. They never say for sure if she survived the operation! She goes off to get her surgery and the movie is over! So we're like, "Dagnabbit, do we have to go read the book?" I'm still trying to figure out how we can set up iTunes to share stuff between families. But Pollyanna is nothing if not resilient, so I'm pretty sure she was fine.

And finally, I think we could all stand to remember the quote from Abraham Lincoln that I might not remember exactly, but I remember the important part. ...I just tried typing the quote and failed, so I'll paraphrase: If you're looking to find the bad in people, you're always going to find it.

So we need to remember to count our blessings and look for the good in people! ...Easier said than done. But we'll work on it!

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Pollyanna, having shiny new manga to read, having time to read it, getting to work on more Kingdom Hearts manga, and getting to listen to our shiny new Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMix CD.
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