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Alethea & Athena
Happy Easter! 
5th-Apr-2015 07:00 pm
Today is a big day for us, because it's Easter, it's General Conference, AND it's our ten-year Live Journal anniversary! We briefly thought of celebrating by posting some of our favorite posts from over the last ten years, but yeah, right, like we can remember what all those are. We wrote them down so we wouldn't have to remember. Although we do have fond memories of our post about the Ludwig storyline in Labyrinth of Grimm...

Also, we don't have time to look back at LJ posts, because we had surprise plans today. After the first session of conference, we got a phone call from one of the counselors in our ward's primary, and she invited us to join her family for Easter lunch. Since we've been talking about how we can't hide in our apartment all the time (*sigh*), we decided to go. But we had a really good time! They have a pretty neat house, and we didn't have to worry too much about it being a food-related event, because they were well prepared for picky eaters.

The highlight was probably the end, where we got to talk to the teenage nieces and nephew about anime. Apparently the children had been told that we work in that industry, and they thought that was really cool, but they were too shy to come talk to us about it. So our host brought us into the room with teenager's table and made us sit down and talk. It was a little awkward at first, but they seemed mostly content to just let us ramble on about our job. And we know they weren't just humoring us, because they would ask questions. Also, I was really happy when I brought up Final Fantasy Type-0 and they all nodded like, "Yup, we know that one!"

Anyway, Page looks eager to get out of the office, so we're going to go hang out, eat dinner, and watch Pollyanna.

Today I'm thankful for more great conference talks, getting to have a lovely Easter lunch with friends from church, having a willing audience to listen to us ramble on about our job, Facebook reminding us of our plans to make Muddy Buddies, and ten years of happy(?) LiveJournal posts.
6th-Apr-2015 03:50 am (UTC)
Happy and Blessed Easter! I'm glad you had a nice one. :) It's very nice that you could go somewhere and not have to worry about what you're going to eat. And getting to talk about your job with people who are interested in the subject matter was definitely a bonus and a blessing!
6th-Apr-2015 08:37 pm (UTC)
Thank you! It was a lovely day.
6th-Apr-2015 09:40 pm (UTC) - Heh.
Happy 10 year LJ anniversary. Why haven't any of you moved on from here??? :)

On a not so related note, if you're willing to ramble about your job to children, I will one day get you to ramble about your job to me one day!!!

...That day will be beautiful...probably.

(oh, slightly random note: I did read Norgami. Liked it a lot. Didn't really have to refer to the translation notes too much.)
7th-Apr-2015 12:12 am (UTC) - Re: Heh.
Thanks! In answer to your question, it's because we're averse to change.

Of course we're happy to ramble on about work to anyone, whippersnapper.

(Oh good, we can still be friends! We're glad you liked it, and that it's still readable without the notes!)
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