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Thank goodness it's Friday.

Oh man, I think we're going to make it. The big project that was encouraging us to work overtime won't be encouraging us to work overtime for a while, so things are looking much more manageable. But we can't take a day off yet, because we have a volume of Kingdom Hearts due soon, followed shortly by a volume of Noragami. The former won't take much time...probably. There was one volume of Kingdom Hearts that nearly killed us (358/2 Days vol.3), but usually it doesn't give us a lot of trouble. But then there's Noragami, and we always have to plan on that one taking a lot of time (although volume 5 didn't give us a lot of trouble).

Somewhere in there, we may or may not have a volume of Chaika that we're just pretending won't be a thing for a while, and we definitely have a Harlequin manga (this time we're dealing with vikings! we don't have any viking music). And when all of those things are done, we can finally take a break! Yay! And we might even get to take a break before we have to worry about Chaika. The extra exciting thing about Chaika is that Athena will get to use her as-yet-unused yellow-orange pen to number the text.

And! we're getting to a point where it looks like we can finish up Aqua's story in Birth by Sleep, which is super exciting, because we started it, like, in January. And then we can start playing Persona games. We're trying to decide what to do about the Persona Q game, since that's the one we're translating the manga of. Right now, we have Persona 3 and Persona 4 for character reference (since Persona Q is a P3/P4 crossover), but we don't have Persona Q. Why? Because it's a 3DS game, and we're not sure if we should play it in Japanese or English. If we decide to play it in English (because it would be a good idea to see how the game translators handled certain things), then we'll need to buy a North American 3DS. It's been so long since region compatibility has been an issue...

Anyway, at this point, we could reasonably call it a business expense, but that doesn't help us have the money to afford it. Tax day is coming up. Dun dun DUN! ...And then we just need to earn some more money and we can maybe buy a 3DS. Or a 2DS, which would cost less. And/or a PS4.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to Sarah on the phone today (we don't call each other nearly as much as we should), finishing those files, Page being mostly good about sitting on the laptop (she reeeeeally wanted to), getting to have a pizza for dinner, and General Conference starting tomorrow.
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