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I was trying to find the name we made up for weekend-itis, only it's not really weekend-itis because your weekend isn't swollen, so we made us a better name for it but now I don't remember what it is. Shuumatsu-shou, or something like that. But anyway, while we were looking, we found something that really matches what we're feeling right now. It went like this: "Let us leave this place of fatigue and braindeadness and go play Kingdom Hearts."

Only today we feel less tired and braindead and more just detached from everything, including what we're theoretically working on. We were editing two things, and we were like, "Does that sound okay? Who cares, let's just move on." Hopefully it sounded okay enough... I don't think we were that bad. Usually if it was bad, we pulled ourselves together enough to come up with something better.

The point is, we have shuumatsu whatever it is really, really bad. We need a vacation. I can't type worth beans anymore. The typos...oh my goodness, the typos.

Fortunately! our work load is finally lightening. Unfortunately, we should probably not take tomorrow off. But we're really hoping for at least one day off next week!

In the meantime, we ended up making an order from the Disney Movie Club. They sent us an email that said, "Here's your featured title!" and we thought, "We don't want that one." So we went to the website to decline, and we were reminded that there was another featured title that we still hadn't accepted or declined yet. We decided that we did want it (Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (speaking of typos, there was almost a B in that "tinker," and not at the end--right smack dab in the center)), and that meant we could get 60% off anything else we ordered. So, as per coastal_spirit's recommendations, we ordered Big Red and The Three Lives of Thomasina. And! because we don't have it yet and as twins we really should, we also ordered The Parent Trap (the Hayley Mills one, of course). It's totally numeralist to have one actress play both twins, but Walt Disney gets away with it because he was just trying out new film technology like he liked to do.

And now we really, really, really need to get away from the computer. Today I'm thankful for managing to finish our work, having more Disney movies to look forward to, strawberry Hi-Chew, having a slightly lighter workload to also look forward to, and it being time to leave the computer now.
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