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Here Yeller! Come back Yeller♪

I don't necessarily want to say it was a mistake, but we watched Old Yeller last night. Oh man, that movie. It has the double whammy effect of being excruciatingly sad while at the same time reminding you that rabies is terrifying. Seriously, is that what the modern zombie mythos is based on? Because seriously. We were afraid to let Page go out today. She's been vaccinated, but now we're thinking about renewing her vaccinations, or whatever that's called. Anyway, I wonder if Old Yeller would be an effective way to convert anti-vaxers to the vaccination cause.

But on a happier note about the movie, the mom in it is a total rockstar. Somebody gets hurt, and she's all, "He's going to need stitches. Travis, go get me a hair from the mule's tail." And then she just has a needle and stitches him up! I can't even imagine being in a situation where someone needs stitches and being able to stay conscious.

But oh man, that movie. I don't know if it's possible to go into it without knowing what happens to Old Yeller at the end, just like these days everyone knows that Darth Vader is Luke's father. And even if you could avoid being spoiled, I'm not sure if you'd want to. It's so sad, I think you need to be prepared for it. On the other hand, that might make it worse, because there are SO MANY TIMES that Old Yeller almost dies, or that they almost lose him. So his original owner comes along, and I was like, "You mean you're going to pull this, 'oh no, we almost lost him! Juuuuust kidding, yay!' thing and then shoot him at the end?" I was a little upset. But then it kept happening! They kept almost killing him!

...Okay, not really. They only almost killed him once before they killed him for real, but oh man, movie. Oh. man. I think the term "heart-rending" was invented for this very movie. Oh, and all the times Travis threatens to shoot him at the beginning of the relationship! Aaaaaaaahhh!

Afterward, we almost wanted to call someone and say, "We just watched Old Yeller. Please help us feel better!" But it was after nine o'clock, and we don't have friends that we feel comfortable calling after nine o'clock. So instead we watched Ouran High School Host Club, and that really helped. It's such a good show, because it takes a premise that is inherently funny, but it doesn't just lean on the automatic funniness of the premise. Aaahh, I feel better just thinking about it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Old Yeller (everyone should see it...once), having happy anime to make it all better, rabies vaccines, being done with work for today, and being very close to getting white rabbit house hats in Kingdom Hearts [chi].
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