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Happy Palm Sunday!

Today is one of those weird days that happens because you do all your holiday stuff before the actual holiday. Next week is General Conference, so today was the day to teach the Easter lesson in Primary. (You can't just not teach the Easter lesson. It's the most important event in the history of mankind.) It was kind of cute, because I only had the one girl in my class, and I asked her, "Do you know what happens next week?" "Easter!" "Do you know what Easter is all about?" "The Easter Bunny comes and brings candy and hides Easter eggs!" Her excitement was adorable, and now at least I knew the lesson wouldn't be boringly repetitive to her. So I told her the story of Easter, and I asked her what she remembers about Easter. "The Easter Bunny comes and..." Ah, kids.

Anyway, because of the importance of Easter, we wanted to make sure the kids paid attention, so we figured we could show some videos, because that's the one sure-fire way to get them to sit still for a few seconds. So we looked at the Bible stories videos on the LDS Gospel Library app...and decided we really don't like most of them. It's those Creative Differences again. We did find one that we liked, but it's really more geared at people who already know the story, and it has a lot of text on it, and references to historical events that the kids wouldn't have known anything about. It's pretty cool, though, so go ahead and check it out!

Then we came home and ate the Easter cupcakes that one of the women in our ward gave to us (the same woman who made the brigadeiros). They were packed with Reese's pieces eggs and candy confetti and little pearly candy things that were amazing and I want to go buy some. I think they tend to have them at the cake decorating sections of craft stores. We saw them when Mom started getting into cake decorating, but we never tried them until now, and they're, as I said previously, amazing.

And while I was making our weekly call to Mom, Logan called Athena on her phone and talked to her about his Primary lesson, which I guess wasn't about Easter. It was about birds and insects, and Athena asked him what insects he likes. Sarah asked if he likes ladybugs, and he said no. And we guess he's the one that brought up spiders, because then Sarah said, "We like your teacher, but she got that wrong. Spiders aren't insects. But they are bugs."

And we also spent some more time learning languages. Interestingly enough, I feel like German is much closer to English than Irish is, which probably isn't all that surprising, because someone would have come from that area and invaded, and that would be why there are multiple languages anyway. (Well that and the whole importing French and Latin and whatever. I don't know much about the history of the English language, but I do know that it's complicated.)

Today I'm thankful for Easter videos that I like, those cupcakes being really good despite the lack of cakiness (the cake part was taken up with candy; at first I was upset because these days I prefer the cake part of cupcakes to the frosting, but the candy and the frosting were all really good, so it worked out), finding out that Logan definitely has not been turned off of calling us on the phone, getting to play Follow the Prophet Jeopardy in Primary (Athena tells me a few of the kids were like, "What's Jeopardy?"), and fun learning languages.
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