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The same old song

I don't know why we keep doing these things to ourselves. We got asked to do some more Harlequin manga and we just said sure, why not? We've found ourselves with some extra time lately, so we figured it should be okay, even though we don't know if the extra time is just tentative.

It probably wouldn't be so bad if today hadn't turned out to be a bit slackery. Not that we didn't work today, just that we had one project that we had to finish up, and we had to go to the store, and that plus a late start (Kingdom Hearts [chi] updates... *sheepish*) threw off all our timing. And so we will not be finishing our first draft of volume three of Let's Dance a Waltz today.

And of course, we'd probably still have plenty of yoyuu (that's the Japanese word for what you have when you don't have to strain yourself to do whatever it is you want to do) if! we weren't probably going to Disneyland tomorrow. This is really starting to sound like the same old song. "Oh boo hoo, we have too much work and we just accepted more! Oh boo hoo, we'd be able to finish it if we didn't ditch everything to go to Disneyland." I'm shaking my head at it.

If I were to say that there was anything new in all of this, it might be the fact that there was a time when we were feeling enough pressure that we actually turned down a title. We really wanted to work on it, too, so it's definitely a bummer. We haven't entirely given up hope on it, though. All we said was that we were booked solid for the next...however long we if they needed it before then, then they should give it to someone else. ...And Athena just reminded me that we have said that twice. And we haven't heard back about either of them, but we also haven't heard anything in the way of license announcements, so maybe those titles were just put on hold for a little while...?

Hope springs eternal. We'll find out when we find out.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Let's Dance a Waltz today, getting to go to the store, not having to kick Page off of the laptop, having plans to either go to Disneyland or get plenty of work done tomorrow, and having another new kind of pasta to try.
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