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Some of you may remember that two days ago, Athena imagined that we would get three work emails with new things that needed attention before we could get back to work on the big project that should be eating all our time, but we had only gotten two. Well, the third one came at about 10:13, and it was UQ Holder!

So we laughed about how life works out sometimes, and we translated that chapter yesterday, and then we started our edit on Your Lie in April 2. Then we went to Wednesdays with Walt, which was the fourth anniversary episode of the Disneyland TV show, and included the story of how the composer Prokofieff (as it was spelled in the credits) visited Walt Disney and played all the themes from Peter and the Wolf for him, because he wanted Mr. Disney to make a cartoon. And oh my goodness, the way his fingers flew across the piano keys! It was pretty cool to watch.

After that we went to the Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland, because we had worked up enough nerve to try something...about two weeks ago. But two weeks ago we were there with Gaston who isn't interested in Bengal Barbecue, and last week we were in desperate need of ice cream, so we got some of that instead. So this week I was determined! to try a Chieftain Chicken skewer. So we made our order...and got one of the beef skewers instead. We didn't realize until we'd already taken it away, so we decided to try that anyway, and it was okay, but we do so tire of chewing beef. Also, the beef costs more than the chicken, and we weren't sure what to do about that (we knew if we returned to beef, they'd probably throw it away), so to make up the difference we went to Snow White's wishing well and tossed in a few coins.

Then we came home and finished Your Lie in April. And today, we have spent all our time working on this project that should be the one eating all our time. And now we're going to get back to it for one more CD before we call it quits. (The busyness was getting to us so badly that we did something unthinkable and put in Sailor Moon Musical CDs. We can't listen to those while working for the same reason we had to ban Disney CDs--we get too distracted singing along (you can't translate and sing at the same time). But we did it anyway!)

Today I'm thankful for getting to try some Bengal Barbecue, having a chocolate stash to help us through the busyness, getting to see another great Disneyland episode, having some hot chocolate cooling for us in the fridge, and getting a package from the manga battle people (hopefully more on that later).
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