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One thing!

We wanted to do ONE thing today. One! And what have we done? FIVE things that are NOT that thing. Sigh. (<--that's more of a huffy sigh than an exasperated sigh, like a combination "Hmph!" and sigh)

They were mostly good things, I guess. We finished My Little Monster 9 (that one was our fault; we had intended to finish it on Saturday, but then we decided to be slackers instead), we translated a new installment of Candy Samurai Wars! (it still doesn't make sense!, but at least the story was kind of easy to follow this time), we translated a new chapter of Persona Q (one day (*gazing, misty-eyed, into the distance*) we'll have time to stop translating manga about video games, and actually play the video games this manga is about), and we went to the grocery store (which resulted in lots of yummy goodness to be enjoyed in the unspecified but near future).

And! we're writing cover copy for Kodansha again. It was never our favorite thing to do, mostly because it's a zatsuyou, and we hate zatsuyou for being zatsu. (Zatsuyou basically means "odd jobs.") But it is kind of fun to be all dramatic and stuff. So as of Noragami 5 and My Little Monster 9, you can see our carefully-crafted (we like to make them exactly 50 words long) cover copies! Woohoo! (We looked at our cover for Sherlock Bones 5 for reference, and we were all, "Whoa, that's really clever!" ...Unfortunately, we apparently wrote that one after the editors started needing cover copy sooner than we were getting it to them, so it's not the one you'll see on Amazon. It was really good, though.)

Now it is six o'clock, and we have yet to do the one thing we were planning to do. And we were supposed to be doing all that all week. Ah well. We have an hour before dinnertime. I guess it's back to work.

In other news, yesterday we opened our Jamberry package and were going to apply the jamberries to our fingernails...but by the time we got the heater working and looked at a how-to video, we were daunted enough as it was, and then we realized we'd have to do it with TEN nails all in one go (or there'd be no telling when we'd finish), so we decided to save it for another time. Our comfort zone, it is strange and small.

Today I'm thankful for the super adorable sheep plushies we found at the grocery store (we ended up getting three, because we couldn't decide on just one color to get! (actually, we decided on black, but then Athena picked it up and it was so holdable that we couldn't resist getting one each of the other two colors right then and there), having ravioli to cook for dinner tonight (pasta is our new strategy for veeeeeery gradually becoming more adventurous with food), having a fan to cool us down on this hot hot day (90-something; nowhere near as bad as Fresno, but we had to go outside in it today), managing to at least finish all the not-the-one-thing things that kept coming up, and also having Haagen Da...however it's spelled ice cream.
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