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Happy 50th!

This has been an eventful weekend. Yesterday was the day of the 50th anniversary of our stake's founding! So we had a special stake conference, complete with a dance (that we did not go to) and an open house (that we figured we might as well go to because we were already there for the opening ceremonies, when the choir sang). The Saturday session--the one before the open house--was kind of like an award ceremony, but only briefly.

Apparently the very first president of the Anaheim stake was a judge, and in his honor, our stake awards someone in the community the Max Eliason Award for outstanding service to the community or something. This time the recipient was Mayor Tom Tait, whose whole mayorhood has focused on increasing kindness in the city. There was a little video presentation where he was interviewed, and in it he said he doesn't want Anaheim to be remembered for certain theme parks or sports teams, but for its people being very kind. So he instituted some programs promoting kindness and stuff, and for all his work, our stake gave him an award! Tadah!

So the mayor and his wife attended the session of stake conference, and they sat right in front of the piano, which definitely increased my nervousness during the choir number. I don't think there was anything to worry about, though, because the number we did had a children's part, and when you do that, the audience tends to be so enchanted by the children that they don't care about anything else (we hope). That doesn't mean we didn't want to do well, and I think we did, so overall, I think it turned out well.

After all the speakers and everything, they set us loose for the open house, which also had dinner provided. We didn't eat any of the dinner, but we did look around at all the cool displays that were set up. The Relief Society and the Primary and the Youth Program and all the individual wards set up displays with mementos from the last fifty years. It was really cool, but I didn't think to bring my camera.

There was also! Italian ice from Joe's Italian Ice! We had heard rumors of this before, but we had never experienced it. Since the guy who founded it is a member of our stake, they were serving it at the open house. And it is amazing. It's like shaved ice, but...different. Shavier? I don't know. Smoother. Definitely smoother. And the flavors are so good. And! people in our ward offered to take us to the place that sells it so we can go try all the flavors! We are pretty excited.

Then this morning was the more religious session of the stake conference. Well, more and less religious, because last night there were a lot of talks about kindness, and today was more reminiscing about the stake, but I guess more geared toward an exclusively LDS audience? It was the Sunday service, anyway. I couldn't focus on anything, though, because the number the choir was singing had a more difficult piano part--not hard enough that I would refuse to do it, but hard enough that it would have been nice to have had time to practice during the week (I didn't). Then after the choir number, the nerves all went away and my mind started wandering. I was wondering if Rose was really serious when she suggested that she and her husband join one of our cosplay group ideas, and I was thinking about what kind of fabric I would need for such an endeavor. (We asked her about it on the way home, and...she still didn't make it clear. But! she is willing to drive us to a fabric store!)

And now all the choir stuff is done...until bishop starts asking about ward choir next week. But for now, we relax. (The ward music director has already told me that she has plenty of non-choir special musical numbers lined up because she figured we're a little burned out on choir stuff. We love our ward music director.)

Today I'm thankful for a great stake anniversary event, the choir performances going well (I did mess up my piano part a little bit, but I recovered and I nailed the ending; that's the important part), Joe's Italian Ice, having a way to get to a fabric store (whether or not I'll ever have time to get to a fabric store is another matter), and Under the Sea coming up on our playlist right now.
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