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Bah. Humbug.

People kept calling today; it was really weird. We never get this many phonecalls. The first call was from our home teacher, saying that he checked with his mom and we're more than welcome to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family. That made me feel a little bad, because, since the invitation had only been tentative at first, we accepted the Bishop's wife's invitation to have dinner with them for Thanksgiving.

All this Thanksgiving stuff is making me tired. Really, we would be perfectly fine staying home and playing video games all day, but that would make us idol worshippers. Seriously, though, the idea of going to a big holiday event filled with people we don't really know is not very appealing, which is part of why we didn't want to go to Seattle.

It's kind of interesting, this idea of making these big plans so you can spend the holidays with family. I really have nothing against family (hard though that may be to believe); we just haven't been all that attached to ours, especially recently. But man, before we went to college, we used to love spending time with our family and talking, and we did feel like family should be together for the holidays. But all our sisters had other ideas and were constantly going out with friends. Or maybe I was just especially upset about that because we had so few friends ourselves.

I don't know. Last year, Athena and I had one of the best Christmases we'd had in a very long time, and we were the only two there to enjoy it. Well, us and the cats. I just think that maybe the holidays are more about honoring the holiday, the reason the day became a holiday. And a lot of the time, that involves getting together with family, but for us I think we're better off without being around people who make us think violent, non-holiday thoughts.

Or maybe I'm just on a soapbox because I'm bitter or something. I can't say we spent last Christmas reading scriptures or acting out the Nativity. I'm glad that there are people here who care enough to make sure we're not alone for Thanksgiving, but once you've had to deal with the feeling of being abandoned by your mother (because whether that's what happened or not, that's how it felt) and not having anyone for support, the idea of spending Thanksgiving alone really doesn't seem like an issue.

I'm not sure if people will take this the way I mean it. I'm just thinking out loud... er, in text. I didn't mean to have a pity party, I just wanted to explain why we honestly don't mind spending Thanksgiving alone. And I'm not even sure I explained it right, because I didn't really sort out my thoughts before typing them.

And on a completely random note, as if Akagi (the Mahjong legend) wasn't a scary enough character by himself, three fourths of his voice actor's name could be pronounced the same way as the Kobe killer's.

Oh! And they mentioned Mormons on Gilmore Girls tonight, but they got it wrong. There would have had to be two Mormon missionaries.

Tonight I'm thankful for working lightbulbs, blankets not being pinned down by cats, winamp skins, being able to close the closet door, and being able to poke the kitties from where I sit at the computer.
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