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We hadn't decided if we were going to keep working tonight or not, but since the option of not working was presented we've been leaning heavily in that direction. Then Page came to hang out with us, and we figured we should stay at the computer a little longer either way (especially because now she's in her cat bed, and there's no telling when she'll leave it), so here we are updating LiveJournal. Brain power is dwindling, so I'm not sure how coherent this will be.

Work really doesn't feel that bad. It just keeps going and going and going. Yesterday was odd because on the one hand, we spent all day working, but on the other hand, it felt like we spent all day slacking off. That's partly because Gaston had stayed the night and left in the morning, which threw off our routine just a little bit so things didn't feel normal, but mostly because we spent an inordinate amount of time playing Kingdom Hearts [chi]. Although come to think of it, we have spent longer stretches playing that game. But because we have so little time for anything else, we'll start playing [chi] and then we'll find ourselves in denial and just keep playing and playing. It doesn't help that they're having a White Day event that involves getting adorable avatar costumes...but only if you beat lots and lots of Heartless. And it's a ranking thing, so you can't just say, "Oh, good I'm getting close; I'll save the rest for later." You have to keep going because everybody else is still going. It's an evil plot. But the costumes are so cute!!

Anyway. We went to Disneyland on Wednesday. They were having a special after-hours party for annual passholders to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Indiana Jones ride. It was pretty cool. They had a jazz band playing swing music by the entrance to the ride, and some guy dressed as Indiana Jones balancing on a big rubber ball that I guess represents the infamous boulder from Raiders of the Lost Ark. And! they had a Dramatic Fight Scene on the bridge to Tarzan's Treehouse. It was fun, because we noticed a suspicious figure heading toward the treehouse, and then Gaston pointed out that it was the Jedi Master from the Jedi Training Academy. Well, that's okay, then. He climbed to the bridge and waited for a while.

We found a nice out-of-the-way spot that had a good view of the bridge (and also happened to be right next to the sound engineers), and waited there until we were distracted by none other than Mr. Jones himself. We watched him talk to a kid in the crowd for a while, and then I thought he looked familiar so I turned to Athena and said, "Is that Mr. Jones?" and she said, "I think he's actually a Dr." And I was like, "No, not that Mr. Jones! Mr. Jones! From the Royal Theatre!" We were both amused by the thought, and then Gaston confirmed that he recognized him, too. (We split up because he wanted to stay closer to the bridge and we thought a little distance would give us a better angle and allow us to not crane our necks.) So Mr. Jones fought the Jedi Master and successfully kept the map away from him. They both ran into the crowd, and the Jedi Master was shouting, "Where is he!? Which way did he go!?" Well, he was walking right by me and I like to be helpful, so I pointed and said, "He went that way!" to which the Jedi Master responded, "Good!" I think he didn't expect to get help. And on later reflection I realized it was a bad idea to help the bad guy, but he is a Jedi Master.

After the show, we found a place to sit and try a new flavor of popcorn. We had read about it on the Disney Parks Blog, and then we saw it but we never had the guts (or will to spend the money) to try it. Then we told Gaston about it, and he didn't believe it existed, so we bought some to prove it to him. Then of course we had to try it because the idea of this flavor of popcorn is so, "Whaaa?" It's chocolate cheddar popcorn. What they did was take the caramel chocolate popcorn (caramel popcorn drizzled with chocolate) that they usually make and mix it with the cheddar popcorn that they usually make, and the result is a delightful combination of sweet and savory snacky goodness. Gaston said we should make believe popcorn more often. He was also pretty determined to buy a bag of chocolate caramel popcorn and a bag of cheddar popcorn, so he could mix it in a ratio more to his liking (there wasn't enough cheddar), but the stores were closed after the party.

Finally, we went to a special panel discussion with Tim O'Day (the MC for the special movie screenings of February) and Tony Baxter, Disney Legend and Imagineer Extraordinaire. He was the man mostly responsible for the Indiana Jones attraction. But remembering the cool stuff he said would take more brain power than I have right now, so I'll save that for another time.

Today I'm thankful for getting a pretty good amount of work done today (we might be at a point where we can finally balance this project with our regular work and not lose sleep), getting to go to the Indiana Jones anniversary celebration, chocolate cheddar popcorn, getting our Jamberries in the mail (we haven't opened the package yet; no time!), and Manga Polo sending us a tablet in lieu of the trip to Japan that we declined.
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