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Normally we'd be on the phone with Mom right about now, but she is inexplicably not picking up. So we're updating LiveJournal instead.

The coming week promises to be a very busy one. We've had some changes in our work schedule, and while we knew the changes were coming, we didn't know what they were when we had to decide what to translate on Friday. We got the new schedule toward the end of the workday, and it turns out we chose the wrong thing. At least we're that much closer to having that thing finished for when it does need to be finished.

The problem is, we have nothing done on the thing that needs to be done sooner. We have a whole two business weeks to translate it, so it shouldn't be a problem. It shouldn't even be a problem that the next volume of My Little Monster (which we also haven't started) is due the same day. What makes it a problem is that the workload on the other project we'll need to work on simultaneously just doubled, and there's an annual passholder event on Wednesday. It's after Wednesdays with Walt, but Gaston might be coming, so we'd spend all day at the park anyway. And we certainly could decline to spend all day at Disneyland anyway, but we don't want to! ...I know, we lead such a hard life.

So yeah, we're going to be very very busy. It's all fun stuff, but it does take energy. Fortunately, we have also found ourselves in possession of a veritable wealth of cookies. Today was Bread Day at church, and today's offering included about a million (or maybe two dozen) packages of those sugar cookies they have at all the grocery stores--you know, the soft ones with the really thick frosting. And this particular variety was chocolate sugar cookies with strawberry frosting. So we snatched up three packages! And we still have four boxes of Girl Scout cookies. So we should be good to go as far as sugar fixes.

Today I'm thankful for having lots and lots of cookies to look forward to, loving my job, getting my prize for the silly hat contest (a $10 AMC movie gift card!), having peanut butter & jelly Poptarts to try, and the lovely rainy weather.
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