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Alethea & Athena
The Ward Social 
28th-Feb-2015 06:35 pm
We almost didn't go to the ward social last night. It's not like we had been around a lot of people all week, so we didn't need to stay home and have introvert time or anything, but we were tired and lazy. We wanted to stay home and play Kingdom Hearts. But there were a couple of things that made us decide to go anyway.

First, rumor had it there was to be a silly hat contest. We have silly hats, and we like to wear them, so this would be a good opportunity. Second, the point of a ward social is for everyone in the ward to get to know each other and build friendships within the ward. That seems like a really good thing to have happen, and we can't expect everyone else to do it while we stay home and be antisocial. So! we texted our usual ride to such things and away we went.

There was actually a third factor involved, but we had no substantial evidence that this would be the case, so we had to keep telling ourselves it might not be the case, even though hope that it would be was a pretty powerful driving factor in breaking us out of our "but I dun wanna" mood. And that factor is brigadeiros. See, our discovery of their existence came from the Facebook post of a woman in our stake. Then it came across our feed that a woman in our ward Liked the post. This is the same woman who, a month or so back, kept Pinning ideas to use for an Alice in Wonderland themed party. And! this party was claiming to be Alice in Wonderland themed. So it stood to reason that maybe, even though they had nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland, some brigadeiros would be included in the refreshments.

And tadah! They were. And we were very happy because we got to try them. And they were in fact very delicious--a little more bitter than I expected, but that was a good thing (although the way they taste in my imagination is pretty amazing). And for some reason, nobody else seemed adventurous enough to try them, so we got to eat plenty.

But before that! one of the women in the ward tried to put her foot down and not let us take any dessert until we'd had "real food." There was nothing on the "real food" table that was in any way appealing to us, and we reminded ourselves with our pasta experiment that, when we don't want to eat something, our appetites go far, far away. But we have been thinking about trying to expand our palettes, so we decided to at least try some fruit. The experiment was unsuccessful, and I discovered that I really do not like cantaloupe. Fortunately, there was some pineapple to save the day. And then there were brigadeiros. Yay!

Also, I won the silly hat contest! Neither of us really expected to win, because our hats are silly but not that silly. But most of the other hats were even less silly, so I guess that's how it goes. I was wearing the hippo hat that we got when we were in Disneyland's 45 Years of Magic parade. It's our hat for special occasions.

Today I'm thankful for getting to try brigadeiros, winning the silly hat contest, having more Girl Scout cookies, having a good idea for the treasure hunt for tomorrow's Primary lesson (this manual sure seems to like treasure hunts), and getting to order some Jamberries.

I forgot I wanted to talk about those! Jamberries are fingernail decals--like nail polish stickers. We usually don't do anything to our nails, not even clear nail polish. But! our little sister signed up to be a consultant, so we ordered some to support her! And now we're kind of excited about doing fun things with our nails. Check it out!
1st-Mar-2015 04:06 am (UTC)
I had never heard of brigadeiros, so I just had to go and look them up. ;) I can't imagine them not being eaten by everyone, but then, I go straight for the sweets ... and the salty, crunchy snacks ... and the cheese, so I guess I'm no judge. Heehee!

Also, I'm not quite sure how old you are, but I feel quite confident that you're too old for anyone to be telling you how/what to eat unless the situation was life-threatening. :P It's a pet peeve of mine. I was brought up without anyone forcing food at me. We always had to take one bite of something, and then if we didn't like it, we never had to eat it again. That's what I did with my daughter, too, unless the smell/look of something made her gag, in which case, she didn't have to try it.

I am not a nail person, but those Jamberries look so pretty and fun that I might be tempted to try them ... or to get them for my daughter and daughter-in-law, who really are into doing their nails! When you first said "Jamberries", I thought of this book, which was my daughter's favorite when she was a pre-schooler. :) :)

Treasure hunts and silly hats sound like fun. :)
1st-Mar-2015 08:11 pm (UTC)
I know--it's chocolate! I think everyone was just too distracted by the cupcakes and cute little teacup thingies made of ice cream cones and filled with mousse. The brigadeiros were just there being unassuming and delicious.

Thanks for the support! That was our argument, too: we're old enough to take care of ourselves. But she came back with, "children are watching," and we were like, "oh." I don't think she wanted to force us to eat anything we didn't want so much as that she didn't want kids using us as an excuse to skip straight to dessert. (Also, I think people tend to think of us as waaaay younger than we really are, possibly because we do tend to act that way. For example, after that incident at the social, we tattled on her to the first person who gave us an opportunity. XD)

We probably would have rebelled against her anyway if we hadn't already been thinking that it might be a good idea to try some fruit. Now we've tried it, so we don't have to worry about that anymore.

We always thought the one or two bites rule was reasonable, but our parents never even forced that on us. Plus, Mom didn't like vegetables, either, so we barely remember having any in the house.

That's exactly what we thought about the Jamberries! They have a lot of cute designs. If you try them (or get your daughter and daughter-in-law to try them), we hope you (or they) enjoy them! That book seems vaguely familiar, and it looks like a great one!
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