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The Dress

Oh my goodness, it has been an eventful day on the internet. I guess it's always an eventful day on the internet, but today is a day with more than one thing that people are talking about a lot. We were a little sad to hear about Leonard Nimoy's passing. We never saw much of his work, but he seemed like a really good guy, and he was in Kingdom Hearts, which totally raises his awesomeness level in our minds. And of course we can't help but marvel at the fact that the Japanese actor who voiced the same character also passed away a little over a month ago.

But now I'm going to change gears completely and talk about The Dress. The dress is something we find to be a fascinating phenomenon. In case anybody hasn't heard about it, there's a picture of a dress going around, and some people see it as being white and gold, while other people see it as being blue and black. It was such a strange thing that people went crazy over it--whatever colors it looked like, people were 100% sure it had to be those colors, except for the people who saw it change colors, which makes it even stranger still.

It was so odd that we spent extra time before work this morning trying to find the truth. One of the links that popped up on Facebook after we read an article about it was an Amazon UK link to the very dress in blue and black. And it was absolutely 100% blue and black this time. Just to be sure, though, we went to that seller's Amazon page to see if they sold the same design in different colors. They do! It comes in red and black, pink and black...and white and black (or ivory and black, technically). It doesn't come in white and gold. So we're pretty sure the dress in the photo is blue and black, even though we both see it as white and gold. Although, if we squint really hard, we can see it as blue and black (Athena says she just has to focus; squinting isn't necessarily required).

But I think there are soooo many things we can learn from the whole phenomenon. Most importantly is the fact that other people see the same things differently. I think we as a race have a tendency to think that if someone believes differently or has a different opinion on the same issue, there must be something wrong with that person, and/or they're just a very terrible human being. I'm not sure what it says about my point that all of our favorite celebrities saw the dress as the same colors we did. But the point is! it's not really a matter of sanity or whether or not someone is full of hate. Sometimes, due to inexplicable reasons, or maybe because of different events in people's lives, they just see things differently, and they can't see it the other way.

...Okay, so we just looked up the picture again and now that we know it's blue and black, we can kind of shift perspective and be like, "Oh yeah, that could be blue and black," without even squinting. So it is possible to see it the other way, but changing people's perspectives is not something you can do without their permission. And you can't show them the same thing (that same picture of the dress) and expect them to suddenly see it your way. We had to go find a different picture of the dress, taken with proper lighting. And we can still see the dress as white and gold in the picture in question.

So that brings up lighting and filters. What people see is always through some kind of filter. ...And this is starting to get a little too complicated, and we have places to go, so I'm going to stop, but it's still a fascinating phenomenon. And my main point is, sometimes people disagree. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them as a human being.

Today I'm thankful for fascinating color phenomena, there being a silly hat contest at the ward social we're about to go to, finally having a revised deadline schedule, getting lots of time to play Kingdom Hearts last night, and not having to walk to the church.
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