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Quittin' time!

Woohoo, we finished work early today! Actually, we finished it at about the regular time, but these days, that's early.

And in other awesome news, we discovered that there is such a thing as brigadeiros! The video that clued us in to their existence was also a "how to make them" video, and the ingredients are butter, condensed milk, and cocoa. This sounds like the most amazing snack in existence. Maybe one day in the Mythical Time, we'll be feeling adventurous enough to try making them. In the meantime, we're still working up the motivation to turn our current set of adventure ingredients into Muddy Buddies. We've even successfully made Muddy Buddies before, so the problem is not fear of failure. It's more, "But that's more time we could be spending playing Kingdom Hearts...!"

Not that we've been spending all our free time playing Kingdom Hearts (which of course is part of the problem). Last night we finally managed to get caught up on the Yona anime! And I bring that up because we need some clarification on S...Si...Shi...Shin'a (just going with a straight romanization here)... Shin'a's powers. We always thought his supersight included the ability to see through solid objects. Is that wrong? Because they could just have him look at the ships to determine who/what is on each one, couldn't they? Unless we're way off and he can only just see really far. But I thought his mask didn't have eyeholes... Er, I mean, I thought the part that looked like eyes was just painted on or something.

We also went to Wednesdays with Walt, as usual. Last night, they showed Tricks of the Trade, where Walt Disney tells about all the study and effort that goes into making realistic animation. The effects animation especially seems like it involves a lot of research...and watching a lot of things happen in slow motion. Fascinating stuff.

Today I'm thankful for the hope of one day getting to eat a brigadeiro, finishing work early today, Page being a good sport about us not letting her sit on the laptop keyboard, having Pringles to look forward to, and new flavors of Emergen-C.
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