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Ever After High

Work is being especially tricky right now, because we're not sure how to gauge our progress, so we don't know when it's safe to stop. That being the case, we worked a little overtime today.

So I just wanted to mention a little show we watched on Sunday because when we were done watching MasterChef Junior, Page was still on my lap and very reluctant to get off. So we had to find something else to watch, and somehow we came across Ever After High. We'd seen the dolls at Target, and because we have a thing for fairy tales, they always intrigued us. Then one of the girls in our Primary would talk about the books. So when we saw that there was a cartoon, we decided to watch it!

Netflix only has five episodes, and we only watched two, but so far...the premise is kind of ridiculous but the characters are all a lot of fun so we like it anyway. What it is is that the children of all the famous fairy tale characters go to Ever After High, and on Legacy Day, they're all supposed to make a vow to follow their parents' legacies and basically just repeat the whole fairy tale. First of all, this doesn't make sense because Apple White is Snow White's daughter, and she's destined to get poisoned and rescued by Daring Charming, who is King Charming's son. But if he's following his father's legacy by marrying the girl that got poisoned, then wouldn't his mother be the first girl that got poisoned, making Apple White his sister? Our best guess is that they reproduce asexually in this world, like in Mako Mermaids (apparently). (Except for Cerise Hood, who definitely has a mother and a father.)

Secondly, it doesn't make sense because why would they even need to do that? Principal (or was it Headmaster?) Grimm says something about the Book of Legends, so it's possible that there's some kind of curse and maybe that bit, at least, will make sense by the end of the series.

Thirdly, it doesn't make sense because apparently everyone is supposed to be totally happy about doing exactly what their parents did, despite the complete lack of incentive for the children of fairy tale villains to share their parents' fate. For some reason, everyone is shocked when the daughter of the wicked queen decides maybe she's not too thrilled about being imprisoned for the rest of her life. I mean, of course we're not surprised that Apple White calls her selfish because clearly Apple White has some self-centered issues to take care of, but you'd think more people would be understanding.

But! as I said, the characters are a lot of fun. Maddie Hatter is probably our favorite. She likes to speak Riddlish. But on the other hand, sometimes it feels like the creators are afraid to commit to her zaniness. Kind of like Pinkie Pie in the early episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. That's the problem with cartoons these days--no commitment! They're afraid of exaggeration! ...Except when it comes to Ashlynn Ella and her love of shoes. Go figure.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see a cute new show, finding a way to gauge our work progress (Athena looked into it while I was writing this entry; turns out the program we're using does it for us), getting a little bit more caught up on anime yesterday, having Girl Scout Cookies to help us survive, and it being time to stop working now.
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