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Once, long, long ago, Athena started making an LJ icon of Rapunzel hiding in her hair that would be pretty appropriate for today. Why? Because, since we won't be attending the Manga Battle awards ceremony, they asked us to send a video. And if we're shy about showing people photographs of ourselves, that goes at least double for videos. We've made it and sent it off, and then we were like, "Oh no, we just sent a video of us to people! To be shown in public!!! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!" Actually, when I really thought about it, I was pretty okay with it, except for one very important mistake. We both forgot to put our braids over our shoulders, so our beautiful hair was hidden behind our backs. So my biggest lament when I think about it is, "Oh, no, nobody will get to see our lovely hair..." And my hair was braided so lovel..ily today.

Other than that, we were planning to take it easy but still get work done. It would have been a really laid-back day except for the video. Without the video, we would have finished a chapter of UQ Holder! and a whole volume of Missions (first draft) and only worked a few minutes overtime. Ah well, that's what we get for being nervous Nellies.

And tonight! we will finally get to the fancy pasta we've been meaning to try since Saturday. But for now...hiding. By which I mean probably catching up on anime.

Today I'm thankful for finishing all our work today, getting to try salted caramel Mickey macarons at Disneyland yesterday (they also have Matterhorn macaroons, but we're probably not going to try those because we don't like coconut), being done filming ourselves, our beautiful braids, and having some time to catch up on anime.
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