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Happy President's Day!

Our ridiculously busy week didn't really end until after stake choir practice last night. We were really excited to take President's Day off (even though we didn't realize that it was a holiday today...) and finally have some time to rest and maybe get rid of this sinus infection that's been bothering me for the last week and a half. We were also a little trepidatious about it, because we have a project going on that gives us files when we least expect them. Still, we figured it would be okay, because in the past the finished product was always due on Thursday. We'd take the day off and work a little harder the rest of the week, after being well rested.

And then! I got a text message. When we get unexpected text messages, we have very brief panic attacks from the fear that it might have to do with babysitting. So when my phone went off, Athena gasped, "Is it babysitting!?" and I said, "Oh my gosh, I had a dream about that!" I really did. I dreamed that our day off was canceled due to babysitting. But it was a false alarm--somebody wanted to know if there was going to be choir practice next Sunday. Whew.

On the other hand, we did end up getting files for that project. And they're due tomorrow. Sigh. So we spent our day off working.

And to make matters even more exciting! we got another text message! This time it really was about babysitting! We have so much work going on these days that I thought it would be okay to say no, because our reason is totally legitimate--we barely have five minutes to spare for ourselves! (So how do I have time to even write this...? That's future me's problem.) But it's really important and our old neighbor said she couldn't find anybody else who would babysit that long. That makes it extra special, because it means it will take up that much more of our non-existent time, but that if we said no we'd be leaving our neighbor high and dry.

So we said it we could do it but if you can please find someone else to babysit part of the time so we don't get crushed by the pressure of all our work. And now that, too, is future me's problem (we have until next Thursday to not think about it). On the bright side, there will only be one child involved, and our neighbor said she'd bring their iPad so we'd have all his favorite apps to entertain him with, so it will hopefully be a low-key babysitting day.

So how busy are we, do you ask? Well, we've been doing the math (why?) and there have been six weeks in the year so far. We translated three books for Yen Press, three and a half books for Kodansha, at least one book's worth of simulpub chapters, spent roughly a business week working on this other project, and spent roughly one business week at Disneyland. That wouldn't really mean much as for how busy we are now that all that's done, but our schedule is looking like it's not going to lighten up at all. We thought this week would be light, but then we had files. Maybe the second half will be better. Fortunately our next book to translate is Missions of Love, which usually doesn't take very long.

And now, we have ordered a pizza for dinner. The original plan was to try something new! For us, anyway. Gnocchi with marinara sauce. We thought it sounded pretty unintimidating. But it also involves cooking that we're not used to doing, and we decided we don't have time for that kind of nonsense. So we ordered pizza in the hopes that a lot of food will help me stop being sick.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of awesome projects to work on, the hope of one day having enough room in our schedule to take some time to relax, having a pizza on the way, not having to worry about teaching Primary this coming Sunday, and Page being kind enough to use her heated cat bed instead of the laptop.
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