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A couple of weeks ago, I made some comments about progressive Mormons, and I wasn't very clear about what "progressive Mormon" means. I've been thinking about clearing that up for a while now, but I haven't had the time or the mental capacity until now. So now I'm going to write about it! Tadah!

Keep in mind that this is purely based on our own observations and interpretations. It's all anecdotal, which is the weakest form of science, or whatever they're saying about anecdotal evidence these days.

First, there are people who identify as progressive and Mormon. They're pretty much okay with following the LDS Church's teachings for themselves, but they're still in favor of things like legal abortions and stuff because they don't want to force their beliefs on others. They're usually coming from a place of love, so even though we disagree on a few political issues, we know they mean well and we agree to disagree. (Or we would, if we were ever social enough to actually interact with these people. (We're rarely social enough to interact with anyone.))

Then there are people who identify as Progressive Mormons. These are people who belong to the LDS Church, but spend an awful lot of time on Facebook making comments about how horrible it is, and how the leaders need to get with the times and change all the Church policies and stuff. These people tend to annoy the heck out of us, because one of the basic tenets of our church is that there are living prophets who speak for God, and one of them is the leader of our church. Not to say that he's infallible, just to say that, when it comes to church policy, he's probably in a better position to know what God wants than the Progressive Mormons are. Unless he is a Progressive Mormon, which I think he's probably not, or he'd be doing stuff more to their liking.

And of course people are free to believe whatever they want about whether or not the church is led by a prophet, but here's the thing: if you disagree with so many of the church's basic principles, why are you even in it? That sounds like a terribly judgy thing to say.

But for example, let's say somebody joins a Fruits Basket fan community. Then they spend all their time on that community, talking about how bad Fruits Basket is, and how annoying the characters are, and what a terrible author Natsuki Takaya is, and how she should totally be writing the story more like this other author that's so awesome. You probably wouldn't be surprised if, eventually, the forum administrator comes along and says, "Hey, could you maybe stop bashing Fruits Basket all the time? This is kind of a community for people who think it's a good series."

And that's how we feel about Progressive Mormons. They're like the anti-Fruits Basket person who joins a Fruits Basket community.

Today I'm thankful for Girl Scout cookie season being upon us, getting Valentine bonus with our Girl Scout cookies (they threw in some Valentine box decorations and heart-shaped lollipops!), having Girl Scout cookies, getting to watch more Mako Mermaids, and having room for more cards in Kingdom Hearts [chi].
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