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Oh man. That was rough. ...Actually it was only bad because it kept going on and on and on for so long. But we got to read some fascinating stuff about Shintoism and stuff! I think the most interesting thing that we hadn't already looked up was about the "ha" in the names of all of Bishamon's shinki.

There was some other really fascinating stuff, like about Yato-no-kami. We talked about that a little when we were watching K, didn't we? We'd already read all about it, but this is the volume where it became most relevant, so we read it all again! And the best source was in Japanese, so it was a little extra time-consuming, and not as enlightening, because it was all, "And then [this thing with a million kanji] did [this other thing with a million kanji] and they wanted to make a [thing with lots of kanji]." So we got the gist of it, but not necessarily the whole thing. Fortunately, there were some other sources in English that helped fill in the details. Anyway, all the stuff that goes into this story! If you're not reading it yet, what are you waiting for?

Athena's been thinking lately (for values of "lately" that equal "today") that Yato is a lot like Sanzo from Saiyuki, if Sanzo had absolutely no dignity. And Yukine is like Gojyo and Goku rolled into one! Kazuma is Hakkai; that's just a no-brainer.

And the playlist we had going for the second half of our third pass over Noragami has now finally ended, so we're going to go have dinner (it's eight o'clock). And then, unless we got the date wrong for its appearance on Netflix, we're going to binge watch Mako Mermaids.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our Noragami translation, getting to read some really interesting stuff about various elements related to Noragami, having a pizza just waiting for us to eat it, getting some gold hearts at Kingdom Hearts [chi], and it finally being time to stop working.
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