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Alethea & Athena
Back in business(?) 
12th-Feb-2015 06:40 pm
Aaaaaaaaah, Noragamiiiiiiii... It's just being itself is all. It was especially cute when we told ourselves we would work for one more CD so we could meet our quota, and then we spent almost the whole CD trying to figure out what, exactly, a byakujo is. Or more specifically, whether it's a real weapon, or a made-up weapon, and if it's a made-up weapon, why was it named what it was named. We didn't really succeed on either count, so if anybody knows anything, we still have time to tweak the translation!

Speaking of things we still have time to tweak if necessary, there's a bit where we have Bishamon saying "for all I care," and we're not entirely sure it's in close enough keeping with the character voice we've given her so far. She's very distraught when she says it, though, if that helps. And it really was the best way we could think of to get the sentiment across.

There are some extra psychological games going on with Noragami right now, too, because! we're halfway through it and so far we've only written three notes. For Noragami, that's unheard of! I mean, I always suspected that as the story went on and fewer world-building elements were introduced, the number of notes necessary would go down, but here's the thing: not surprisingly, one of the main things that gave us an edge in the manga translation battle (based on the judges' comments) was notes. Almost anytime anyone has anything positive to say about our translations, it's the notes. And while I'm firmly of the opinion that notes should not be necessary to the enjoyment of a manga, when I'm told that they're what make our translations good, it's kind of hard to be okay with not having them. On the other hand, we're too lazy to write them, so when, for example, Yato says that people say sake is the hyakuyaku no cho, we really don't feel the need to write a whole note about how hyakuyaku no cho means "the best of medicines." I mean sure we could go into the technicalities, but if that's what it means, that's what it means, am I right?

So we're just a little bit conflicted, and we're also very tired and overcoming some kind of a cold and having a deadline tomorrow. But we know for a fact there will be at least two more notes!

Anyway, we went to some movie screenings at Disneyland yesterday and the day before. They were both preceded by panel discussions featuring historians Tim O'Day and Andreas Deja, the latter of whom writes a blog that we check every day. Since the events were for Disneyland annual passholders and not animation students, it's not surprising that we didn't learn anything new, but we did get to see some really cool art (all of which, I'm pretty sure, is already up on Mr. Deja's blog). And we did learn one new thing! The actress who voiced Cruella de Vil was in Mary Poppins as the scary homeless lady who approaches Jane and Michael when they run away from the bank! It seems fitting somehow.

Oh! and we also learned that Cruella de Vil was modeled after someone in the fashion industry, but animator Marc Davis took the secret of who the model was to his grave. But that being the case, before they played 101 Dalmatians, Cruella came out on stage and gave Mr. O'Day and Mr. Deja fashion makeovers. She also looked out at the audience and wretched over the horrible fashion faux pas...ses that people were making, "Cargo shorts!? Blech! Flip-flops!? Ugh!" It was fun.

The other movie was Pinocchio, and before that screening they had someone (I don't know if it was someone we were supposed to recognize, or maybe it was one of the principal singers from Mickey and the Magical Map or something) come out and sing When You Wish Upon A Star, while Geppetto, Pinocchio, and the Blue Fairy (whose costume was very sparkly) acted out Geppetto's wish.

It was all very lovely, and when the movies were over, the park was closed! So they had cast members standing at strategic points along the way to the exit to keep us from getting any Funny Ideas. We were amused.

Today I'm thankful for making decent progress on Noragami considering, getting to see a lovely Pinocchio presentation, getting to see a lovely 101 Dalmatians presentation, getting to see the Plausible Impossible episode of the old Disneyland TV show at Wednesdays with Walt, and it now being time to relax and hopefully recharge before finishing Noragami tomorrow.
13th-Feb-2015 01:38 am (UTC)
Oh, that Noragami again! The Bishamon line... is that on p45? (I just flipped through the first bit until I came across a scene where she seemed like she could be distraught and saying "for all I care.") If yes, then I think your choice fits. Even if it's not a phrase she would normally use (too modern?), in the heat of the moment it would be understandable if she blurts out something uncharacteristic, like she's at a loss for words and that (a phrase she'd overheard at one point, and it stuck with her) popped in her head. Look at me, I'm creating a whole story in my head about this :)

On notes, as the letterer I have to say they're good because they fill up the extra pages at the end of the volume (to make the page count a multiple of 8 or 16) (we have extra pages because the first colour pg is converted to grey (colour pages are on different paper so they're not part of the 8-or-16 count)) (or it could be that the first page is converted to grey because we need extra pages: if we stuck with the JP page count there'd be no extra pages at all, which would mean no notes or cute little author comments!) ...anyway, so that's why I'm all for more notes, all the time. But from a reader's perspective, five translation notes are still enough to be worthwhile without looking skimpy (it's a little awkward sometimes when there's like 1 note for a whole book), and it'd be silly to write notes purely for the sake of having them. The editor can always throw a couple ads in at the end. Or a preview? I just got Say I Love You 6 yesterday and it had a preview of 7, probably for a similar reason.

(that reminds me, when the v6 notes explained that KY was considered "old"/outdated slang, I got a little sad. KY was something I could relate to; I'd bonded with it. I'm just not one of the hip young folks anymore... (I never was hip though.))

Good for Cruella, standing up for fashion!
14th-Feb-2015 12:59 am (UTC)
Noooooooo! Don't flip ahead in Noragami! The spoilers! THE SPOILERRRRRS!!! (Yes, it is on page 45.) The story you created is pretty much exactly how we justified it, though I hadn't quite articulated the "a phrase she'd overheard at one point" part.

That's helpful to know about notes. We will keep it in mind. We don't remember the exact number, but we did end up with almost two full OpenOffice Word pages of notes. A couple of them were pretty long.

Oh! Say I Love You! Maybe we'll write about that if we ever scrape enough brain power to remember what happened in it.

Aww, there's no reason you can't use outdated slang! We first heard it about...seven years ago, so I guess that is kind of a long time ago. But! when we first heard "ake-ome" as slang for "happy new year," the person who said it said it was outdated, but we still see it, like, in the chat at Kingdom Hearts [chi].
14th-Feb-2015 01:59 am (UTC)
:( :( Yeah, I knew I was in for spoilers, doing that. But I did my best to skim lightly (though I did read enough of that particular scene to get the gist of what was happening :( ) and I didn't go past that chapter, so 3/4 of the book will still be all new for me. (I get good at skimming pages without taking in too much of what's happening, or else I'd be spoiled for every book I letter, since I usually have to clean the pages before I can letter them.)

Oh, again, don't feel like you have to add notes just to fill space! (if the editor were to say they wanted more that'd be one thing, but it's not my place to make such demands :) ) I am excited to read what you put together though!

In this volume of Say... There was some more Meg- and Kai-related drama, and then they went to Land, and it ended at the hotel. It all kind of felt between-ish while I was reading... (I guess the Kai stuff was resolved a bit, and the insight into Meg's character/background was interesting.)

Thanks for supporting me in my attachment to KY :) It's true, I think it (or related phrasing) is still used in current manga (dunno about real life usage), but maybe it's not quite the same level of "trendy," or like it's normalized some and settled into use as a verb (空気読め) rather than an adjective/label? Ake-ome may be the same sort of thing, used as easy short-hand rather than for its trendiness. (for an english-language example, I wonder if "g'night/g'morning" were initially supposed to sound more "dialect"? when i use them it's just because they're shorter and don't sound overly-formal.)
14th-Feb-2015 09:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, we were kind of hoping knowledge of the character would be enough to say, "Yeah, if she were upset enough, she might say that," or, "No way! She would never say that!" Or possibly, "I've read books from as far back as the 1700's that used that phrase, so you're fine." We certainly are never asking people to risk spoilers! But thanks for your help!

Haha, we're way too lazy for that (adding notes just to fill up space, I mean). We take it on a case by case basis. If we can think of something interesting enough to make a note of it, or we think it's necessary or helpful or informative, and we're not too lazy and tired, we'll do it. If, on the other hand, we have something like hyakuyaku no cho, which sounds like a mostly Japanese idiom and means "leader of a hundred medicines," and we have a way to phrase that in English that might not be a "saying" per se, then we're like, "Eh, who cares. That's what it means; there's no confusion."

Yes, I thought it was the one that ended at the Land hotel. Sigh. I feel like almost every volume of Say I Love You feels between-ish. Volume eight had Events though.

Our understanding was always that KY started out as a verb--kuuki wo yomu was around as a phrase for a while. And then it probably became trendy to use KY to describe someone who couldn't, maybe as a code so that the KY person didn't catch on right away. Then when everybody figured out what it meant they stopped using it. ...But that's all speculation of course. Ake-ome seems a little too deliberate to just be fast/lazy talking (example of lazy talking: azasu for arigatou gozaimasu), but it probably is the shortness of it that led to its coinage.
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