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No time to say hello, goodbye!

Whew, this has been one intense week. Gaston and Alice came over to join their family at Disneyland for three days, and we joined them for almost all of it. We stayed home Thursday morning to translate UQ Holder!, and while we were here, we got an email with another new title offer! We couldn't say no, so we didn't, and now we're faced with a little bit of a dilemma because Noragami 5 is due on Friday, which would be fine because we can usually finish Noragami in five days I think (once or twice it took six). But they want the new title ASAP.

We think we can still do it, but we're going to have to work overtime. That wouldn't be a problem, either, but we already have plans on Tuesday and Wednesday night, which are going to cut into the time we have with which to work over(time). And so, while Gaston and Alice are doing non-Disneyland family things, we did a little bit of work on Noragami. Oh my goodness, the story is getting intense!

And through it all, poor Page has had very little attention. We will go give her some now, assuming she didn't declare it a lost cause (getting attention, I mean) and get settled somewhere.

Oh! And we discovered this morning that Crunchyroll announced the Persona 3 side of Persona Q. For some reason, we were under the impression (when they assigned us the P4 side) that someone else would be doing P3, but! we were wrong. We're doing both! Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for having more fun titles to work on, getting to read the exciting developments going on in Noragami (in fact, we might get back to it after dinner today, depending on what else is going on), having another good time with friends at Disneyland, getting to see the Fantasy in the Sky fireworks show, and Baymax plushes.
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