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Alethea & Athena
The busyness continues 
31st-Jan-2015 05:33 pm
Weekends are supposed to be more laid-back! Aaaaahhh! Oh well, I guess it's our own fault for sleeping until ten and then spending forever at Kingdom Hearts [chi]. That game seriously takes way more time than it should. Okay, okay, that's not fair to the game. Nobody forced us to spend all that time powering up cards. I think the sleeping in was important, though.

Anyway, we just looked at our schedule and realized that the next Noragami is due in about two weeks, and we have a volume of Chaika to translate before that, so we're really hoping we don't have any extra work popping up. Sometime in there Gaston and Alice will be coming with relatives to go to Disneyland, and I'm hoping we don't have to tell them we're too busy to join them. Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we finally got caught up on Akatsuki no Yona. We thought all of the Earth tribe guy's, "Uuuuugh, I hate this king, he's so stupid and annoying" got pretty tedious, but! characters who are brilliant masterminds but pretend not to be are among our favorite types. So now Su-won has become a favorite character...except for the fact that he's still not played by a favorite voice actor, and all the political stuff that pops up whenever he's around also gets tedious. Anyway, Gija is played by a favorite voice actor, which might be why he continues to be our favorite character.

Today I'm thankful for having chocolate for when we need morale boosts, having super powerful decks in Kingdom Hearts [chi], being almost caught up on anime (we still have an episode of Durarara!! and an episode of the magical boy anime to watch), having hot chocolate in the fridge to enjoy later, and having comfortable new church shoes to wear if we have to walk to church tomorrow.
1st-Feb-2015 03:02 am (UTC)
Hey, I slept in till ten today too. And then frittered away much of my day (reading manga, see below) and then I realized I had better get the work done that is due Monday. And I just finished it. I didn't even eat dinner!

YONA!!!! Su-won has been winning me over more since I watched the anime too (not necessarily just because of the anime—I've also been rereading and rereading the manga since I have the constant reminder each week of how much I love the series... (and how much more story there is that they're probably not going to get around to animating, waaah!)) I'm happy whenever the political stuff comes up in the anime, because I'm a slacker and skim that stuff in Japanese, so having it translated at last is quite nice :) But one and a half episodes without the main characters is about enough for me, and I'm really looking forward to starting the next arc! Also, I really really love the voices for Hak and Yona, though I wasn't familiar with either of their actors before. (apparently Chiwa Saitou does a character in Chaika too...)

I'm a little concerned that I haven't yet been given the files to start on Noragami 4... (nor have I seen any comps but that's not news). Hope your next few books go quickly and without any extra stress!
1st-Feb-2015 08:29 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Saturdays are just so easy to fritter away...

Political stuff is fine to an extent, but they seem to want to hammer a lot of points in over and over again. Okay, Su-won seems like an idiot but maybe there's more to him but maybe he's just an idiot after all, we get it. But he's great. Since we tend to find ourselves in the company of people who are always trying to show off their smarts, it's always nice to come across someone who does the opposite.

We have some familiarity with the voices of Yona and Hak, but mostly Yona. She's been in kind of a bunch of things, and we even have a song of hers, because she was in Law of Ueki, which we loved. None of her characters really stood out as favorites though, and her character in Gundaom 00 was really annoying (but to be fair, most of the characters in Gundam 00 were really annoying). The only thing we really remember the voice of Hak for is Cinderella in Ouji to Majo to Himegimi to.

We couldn't speak for why you haven't gotten those files yet. All we know is that the editor tends to have a million things on his plate at once. All I can say is, it never hurts to ask about it.
1st-Feb-2015 09:08 pm (UTC)
I think the pacing can seem slow and repetitious at times, and the best I can figure is that they really want to stick to what's in the manga (it's following really closely, down to tiny asides and minor details) without adding too much filler, but the way the chapters are laid out, it can be hard to find a good cut-off spot. Like, I think it worked well to have ep15 finish off the bit it did with Yona &co and then switch to Su-won to introduce the main event for the next episode, but then the two chapters covered in v16 were like, not quite enough for a full episode but too much for half an ep, so they just stretched bits here and there. I dunno. I think it all works well in the manga (and reading several chapters at a time; I'm sure I'd get frustrated if I were reading in the magazine).

I did see that Hak's actor was the love-interest guy in Library Wars, which made me happy (I haven't seen the anime(/movie?), only read the manga, but I enjoy that very much so it was a good association). Are Chiwa Saitou's other roles generally princess-y? (not necessarily actual princesses, but that personality type. ojousama??) I kinda got that impression when I tracked down a clip of her character in Chaika... (I realize basing my assumption on a sample size of 1 or 2 roles is not that smart.) I think she does a nice job getting Yona to sound princess-y, but then when she has to be serious/sincere she's convincing at that too, so I love the variation~ But then, I loved the characters before they ever had voices, so it probably wouldn't take much for the actors to win me over.

I've asked a couple times about the files (and comps; I feel like I'm being an utter pest but...). I'll keep trying! (and telling myself that if they're not worried about it being late, I won't worry either.)
2nd-Feb-2015 03:46 am (UTC)
Haha, yeah, we can tell whenever there was an aside in the manga because there will be text on the screen. Normally this is where I'd say, "Maybe someday we'll check out the manga," but at the rate we've been reading manga these days it seems pointless to even suggest it. If, on the other hand, someone were to hire us to translate it...

...then it would also drive us crazy because we looked up the Korean word for moonlight and it did not look anything like Shin'a, and we would be all, "What are these names supposed to be spelled like!? Aaaaaahhhh!" and then we'd probably just let the editor deal with it. I do remember looking up the word "moon" at Wiktionary, and the the one language that most closely resembled shin or a was...Thai, I think. I don't remember anymore.

We looked Maeno-san up again, and remembered there were two other characters he played that are relevant to our interests: Kai in Say I Love You and Ueno in Tenshi 1/2 Houteishiki. It was funny, too, because when I went to type his name into Wikipedia, I was like, "It's Ueno...no Maeno. But there is an Ueno in, like, a Banri Hidaka thing or something. La la la..."

Speaking of Hidaka-sensei, Chiwa Saitou played Kurumi in Berry Berry. She has played a lot of prissy types (one of the first characters that comes to mind when I think of her is Sumire from Gakuen Alice), but she's got a bit of a range. In Law of Ueki, she played the cute little version of the big monster character, and the first time we heard her was when we watched one episode of Read or Die, in which she played the tomboyish youngest sister.

As for the Noragami files, that's probably a good philosophy: if they're not worried about it, why should you be?
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