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Finally, a normal workday...and it's only Friday! Ha, ha, ha. And because this week has been so jam-packed with work, I'm not sure I have a whole lot to talk about...which is why I think it's so great that LiveJournal brought back the Writer's Block prompts! Did I mention that before? There was one about binge watching TV I think I did mention the prompts before.

Anyway, today's prompt is about the last book that you read. ...This is a more difficult question than you might expect. Even individually, we're always in the middle of several different books at a time. Technically the last story we read was the chapter of manga we just translated for simulpub. I'm not sure if only one chapter counts, though. And does this question mean what's the last thing you were reading, or what's the last thing you finished reading?

If it's the last thing you finished reading, and it wants a whole book, then that would probably be Let's Dance a Waltz. We've written all about it and the review is forthcoming. It'll probably be posted in, I don't know, six months or so? But as for whether or not we'd recommend it, the answer is of course!

Now if it's talking about "real" books, as opposed to graphic novels, then it gets tricky yet again! The last thing I read was Durarara!! volume 6, but the last thing I finished was A Christmas Carol...but that was the first part of a Charles Dickens Christmas anthology, and neither of us has found time to pick it up since finishing A Christmas Carol.

Speaking of Durarara!!, we did get to hear Aoba, and he was played by Hiro Shimono, who we like well enough, but for some reason every time he ends up playing someone, we think, "Ugh, boring." Usually that's because he plays a lot of characters that we see and think, "Oh! That character could totally be played by Yuuki Kaji!" And then it's not Yuuki Kaji, and we're like, "Ugh, boring." But Kaji-kun is already in Durarara!!, so we couldn't possibly reasonably expect him to play Aoba! ...But we did already have someone in mind to voice that character, and it was not Hiro Shimono. Oh well, these things happen.

We think he'll be fine as Aoba, but we're not really digging the new anime anyway. We keep seeing it and thinking, "Why are they doing it that way? The other anime never would have done it that way!" And then we're like, "Wait, wouldn't it? It was a long time ago that we saw it... Maybe it's not as good as we remember. Maybe now that we've read the books, we've been spoiled for the whole animated version for all time!" Maybe one day in the Mythical Time we'll rewatch the first anime and see if that's true. (Apparently when it comes to watching anime, the Mythical Time is "when Gaston surprises us by coming to Disneyland, and as usual arrives an hour or two later than estimated." What we're saying is, we found some time to rewatch Noragami on Friday. We're in the middle of the first episode with Kofuku.)

Anyway, we're also reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Oliver Twist, Gulliver's Travel, Temple & Cosmos, The Jews in Germany...and I think that's it. (I'm pretty sure that's nothing compared to some people's to-read lists.) Oh, there's a ton of manga on the list, too, but that got so mixed up when we moved that we still haven't been able to sort it all out and figure out who's reading what. And I recently finished reading the Chronicles of Prydain, which are definitely recommended. Taran's pretty annoying in the first one, but he gets much much better, and I always appreciate character dynamics (moreso in light of recent Disney movies). On the other hand, there is a lot of Drama in the last volume, and sometimes it's hard to tell if the author is trying to depict the horrors of war or just killing characters off to be dramatic. Oh well. It's a nice journey, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for Writer's Block prompts, having a normal workday for once, having time to practice the piano for the multiple choir performances on the horizon, having lots of interesting books to read, and having tentative plans to get donuts tomorrow.
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