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Occupational hazards

We usually try to stay away from stuff that's too creepy, because, well, it's creepy. But we were translating this thing (you know, the rush job) and they mentioned a certain murder case. We like to be informed so that we can add better footnotes in our translations so that the editor won't be like, "The Sakakibara murder? What's that?" and be all confused. Also, at AX, the one character designer lady whose name I feel bad about because I already forgot it mentioned some gruesome murders that were going on that made it so they weren't allowed to show red blood on TV, so we wanted to have a better idea of what had been going on. (What was I saying about long sentences? I never learn.)

We decided it would be wise not to look up the information the night we came across it, because it was already dark and we figured it would be something we didn't want to have too fresh on our minds when we go to sleep. That was probably a wise decision, because we're still creeped out about it even though we looked it up about six hours ago, and we've been watching a bunch of anime because we need to catch up. And no one's posting any LJ entries for us to talk about and keep our minds on something else.

And on a completely different note, I found out the reason Mom hasn't been answering her cell phone when I call is that she can't hear it very well. Since I had talked to her just yesterday about getting together today, I didn't feel too guilty about calling her four times. The fourth time, I was just going to leave a message, but that was the time she realized she was hearing things and thought she should check her cell. I was amused. And, for those who may have been wondering, I did try calling her home phone as well. So technically, I called seven times.

And since now I'm just talking, we figure there's no real reason to keep this new series a secret, since it's already on bookstore shelves. I think the reason I didn't want to say what it was was that I didn't want to jinx anything and have the original translator come back (says the girl who was amused by the fact that a religious person was so superstitious about black cats (we showed Mimsy to our home teacher who didn't already know we had cats and his reaction was, "You have a black cat!?" in an "Are you crazy!?" type of voice. We think he actually said, "What's wrong with you?" but neither of us remembers exactly)). Not that that would have been bad for the original translator.

Maybe it was more along the lines of not wanting to say we were working on it, and then not be working on it, and constantly have to explain why we're not working on it anymore when people ask, "Weren't you on that?" It turns out our fears were ungrounded, because apparently our boss was having a hard time finding anyone willing to do it. (Either that or she was saying that to appeal to our sense of good will.) It's the "CLAMP no Kiseki" artbooks, and the reason nobody wants to do translate them, I would imagine, is that there's tons and tons of text. Interviews, in-depth series analyses, essays, in-depth manga summaries, in-depth character descriptions. Basically, we'll know the entire story of X without having read it, because we started with volume 8, which is the first one about X. Maybe we should rent the anime...

We thought about renting X so we'd have a better idea of what was going on, but then we realized there was no chance of getting it in time, and even if we could, we wouldn't have had time to watch it. So hopefully we didn't let any CLAMP fans down with our translation. The good news for them is that the English adaptation writer is someone we happen to know to be a big fan of CLAMP, so he can fix it.

I'm actually glad we got to start on this series of artbooks when we did, because we really do like Tsubasa Chronicle. I love how every time I was like, "Hey, but..." Kurogane would be like, "Hey, but!" and then Fay would explain it. Like how Fay kept saying "hyuuu" and, having learned much about sound effects from translating, I said, "Isn't that supposed to be a whistle?" and then Kurogane's like, "Why do you keep saying 'hyuuu'?" and Fay cheerfully explains, "I can't whistle." Daisuke Namikawa is great. We should watch Kero Kero Chime. Or Tide Line Blue. Or both! Yay! Or get the latest DVDs of Saiyuki Reload, which we need anyway, but don't currently have the money for, so that suggestion was dumb anyway. And now I'm sad. He really doesn't talk enough in Tide Line Blue.
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