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I may have said this before, but sometimes it feels like Sundays are the busiest. Today our extracurricular is stake choir practice! We have stake conference coming up in February, and the music director asked us to direct and accompany the choir. She told us they (I think "they" means her and the stake presidency and/or high council) want us to sing "I"m Trying to Be Like Jesus." So we've been looking for an arrangement that makes sense to be singing as a choir (like with harmony and stuff), because the version in the Primary songbook only has the melody. We're having a difficult time of it, so right now we're mostly just hoping it all works out. We did sing a two-part version of it in our ward about a year ago, so I called the woman who arranged it to see if she still had her arrangement, and she doesn't even remember it! This is getting exciting.

In other want to sleep. That's our current default for all situations that might make us want to run and hide. I think it has to do with not getting enough sleep on Friday. Ah, ha, ha.

Oh right, I guess people might be interested on a shoe report. It was fine. We weren't on our feet very much, but anyway the shoes remained comfortable. Athena says she was standing for a while at choir practice and she was still fine. So tadah!

We're just a little bit bummed right now because of the whole choir thing, and also because Primary classes didn't go well. It's not that we ever expect the Primary classes to go well, but I think it was a little worse for me this week because I even took some initiative and came up with my own way to make the lesson more fun, completely unprompted by the manual! And the kids liked the activity, but they didn't really listen to the rules and they didn't learn anything from it. I don't really mind letting them run around if they need to work off some excess energy, but I feel like I'm not doing my job if I can't get them to remember one thing. It is irksome. We're working on it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to wear our new shoes to church, the shoes not killing our feet, moosetracks cookies, ward choir practice going relatively well, and getting to go to Disneyland on Monday morning (when, according to rumor, they have the best Sir Samuel at the Royal Theatre).
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