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To post or not to post

Noragami 3 is officially for sale (for reals!) today! Everybody go buy it! Or go to the library and ask them to buy it (or borrow it, if they already have it)! Or, in honor of the release of volume 3, go read volume 1 for the first time (if applicable)!

Volume three of Noragami is one that I actually remember some of the stuff I want to say about. So this brings me to an important question about posting reviews of our translations: should we do it on the release date, or should we wait, like, a week or so to give people a chance to read each book first? Of course, this question may not be so relevant for Noragami, because I think the only person we know who's consistently up-to-date on it is lyschan, and she will definitely have read it when we post about it, whether we post about it on the release date or after. But let's say there are titles that people like to get soon after their release--when should we post about those? And if there aren't, but there are titles that people like to get, y'know, when they feel like it, when should we post about those?

And if there are titles that none of our friends are interested in yet, but we want to post about them anyway, is it even worth it to wait until the release date? ...Yes, because what if someone is Googling stuff and they don't want spoilers. But the point is, we want to talk about the stuff we translate, but if there's a chance that people will talk about it with us, we want to post when the post will be relevant to those people. We don't want them being all, "Oh, they posted about that! I'm going to read it, so I'll save this post for after I read it," and then, when they get a chance to read it, they've forgotten all about the post. (Also, we turned off email alerts (because we like to go to LJ and be surprised), so if somebody doesn't comment on a post until a couple weeks or so later, we may never find out about the comment.)

Anyway, that's our current dilemma. Well, one of them, anyway.

Today I'm thankful for getting our work done today, making good progress on our current project, Mom giving us maple nut goodies when she visited, chilled caramel cream hot chocolate, and Page overcoming her fear of the Litter Robot.
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