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The whirlwind continues...

We just have so much to do! After this, we still want to finish our review of My Little Monster 8 (to be posted after its release). And we probably could have stopped work a little early today to make time for it, but the way things have been going with us and work, we feel like it's just safer to finish things as soon as possible. And that being the case, we finished our first draft of Let's Dance a Waltz 2 today! And that reminds me of why we have to write our reviews of manga right after we finish translating them: because we'll have translated more volumes by the time the book is released, and those later volumes may affect our review of the first one.

Anyway. Last night, Mom came over and we had a lovely visit and stayed up too late talking. It was fun, and we discovered that if there is ever a fire in our apartment, we will know about it. Mom knows that we barely keep enough food in the house for ourselves, and even though we offered to buy something so we would be able to feed her when she came, she had another idea and brought some of her favorite buy-and-bake pizzas. In the baking process there may have been some cheese dripping onto the oven floor and burning to a crisp, causing a little smoke. It set off our fire alarms, and it was extra fun because we didn't know how to turn them off. We remembered in the past throwing a towel or something over it so the smoke can't get through the receptors, but these smoke alarms were on the ceiling! (The past ones were on the wall.)

But eventually we figured it out, and peace was restored...until we opened the oven again. Ah, ha, ha. I'm just glad the neighbors didn't seem too perturbed by the whole mess. But we think Page went into hiding. (She was already hiding from Mom anyway, but we think she went deeper into hiding.) And our fire alarm is pretty cool, because on top of the annoying alarm, it has a voice saying, "Fire. Fire. Fire." So that was fun. It's really neat, too, because it's a calm voice, so hopefully it won't make people panic.

Anyway, we have a review to finish, so that's all for today.

Today I'm thankful for having a lovely visit with Mom yesterday, having a lovely phone conversation with Dad today, knowing how to work the fire alarm, Page finally returning after a slightly longer excursion outside, and Mom giving us cookies (that we have already eaten).
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