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Treasure hunt

I just shared a thing on Facebook. I always feel so weird about doing that. It's like...okay, I'm pretty sure I told this story only like a few weeks ago (probably actually a couple months ago...or one month? I have no sense of time anymore), but there was the time at Disneyland when Chip and Dale were having a dance-off. And at one point during the dance-off, Mickey runs into the circle, strikes a disco pose, and dashes off again. That's what I feel like when I share things on Facebook, only with Mickey's random dance pose, at least Mickey could be pretty sure he'd get a laugh. Facebook intimidates me because there are people there who...well, who intimidate me.

Anyway. Sunday is always kind of an odd day, because it's supposed to be the day of rest, but it's also a day of responsibilities for us that involve going pretty far out of our comfort zones. It was fine when it was just doing the music all the time, but then they wanted us to direct choirs (different than "doing the music") and teach children and stuff. It's a little bit nerve-wracking, and this week was especially bad because...

Okay, so the manual with all the lessons for our Primary classes generally spells the lessons out pretty clearly, including all the activities that should be included. We like it that way, because we're not the types of people to always be thinking, "Oh! You know, I bet the kids would LOVE it if we did this super awesome thing that I just came up with!" Of course there's no requirement to follow the lesson plan exactly, but we like to for the aforementioned reason. But this week! one of the guidelines was "plan a treasure hunt. let the kids do the treasure hunt." No further guidelines suggested.

We were like, "What!? That's so vague and requires so much planning!! Why-hy-hy-hyyyyyy!?" I was 90% ready to go ahead and just Not do that, but on the other hand, the kids would love it, and much as we love sitting around discussing religious ideas, kids (ages 4-7) don't have that kind of attention span. (Maybe there are some kids who would like doing that, but none of those kids are in either of our Primary classes. And even if they were, we don't want to exclude all the other kids.) So we buckled down and came up with a treasure hunt.

And for some reason it was ridiculously stressful, even though we knew ahead of time pretty much exactly how the treasure hunts would go, and sure enough they went exactly the way we imagined it. And it probably would have gone the same way regardless of the quality of the treasure hunt, whether it were higher or lower. But the point is, we were unusually frazzled today.

But it wasn't all bad. I only had one girl in my class today, and even though she's only four and might just barely be learning how to read, she was happy to volunteer to read scriptures. So I'd show her a scripture and ask her what it said, and she'd say (every time), "Jesus Christ, amen." (She's also very excited to say prayers.)

Today I'm thankful for learning that we can make up treasure hunts if we put our minds to it (not that I'm all that excited to do it again), Page finding an adorable new favorite spot, Sally DeFord and her very helpful music site, getting to work on Let's Dance a Waltz tomorrow, and Mom coming over for a visit tonight.
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