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A night with Oswald

We're still trying to figure out our best schedule for Wednesday, what with Wednesdays with Walt starting up again. We were really hoping we could finish My Little Monster today, so we just kept working right up until it was time to leave. The sad part is we didn't even finish, but we probably would have if we didn't also have a chapter of UQ Holder! to translate...or maybe we wouldn't have, because UQ Holder! didn't take us very long, and we still have 20% of our My Little Monster script to edit.

But the good news! is that we got to hear the true story of how Disney finally regained the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Yesterday's Wednesdays with Walt featured Oswald, so we got to see some of his animated shorts, and the guy who's pretty much in charge of seeking out and acquiring old, lost Oswald cartoons talked about them. So the story of Oswald is that he was one of the first characters Walt Disney ever invented, and he and Ub Iwerks were making Oswald cartoons for Winkler Productions. Then Winkler ripped Disney off--he took the rights and left Disney out in the cold. According to legend, it was on the train ride home that Walt Disney came up with the idea for a mouse character, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So fast forward to...I think he said about 2006? There was a thing called Monday Night Football on ABC (a Disney-owned network). Then one day it switched over to NBC (owned by Universal), while the announcer/commentator/host/whateveritis was still under contract with Disney. So Bob Iger, Disney CEO, called his Universal counterpart and said, "Hey, you want the Monday Night Football guy? We got him under contract, but he wants to do Monday Night Football, so if you want him, you can have him. But we want Oswald." So they traded the Monday Night Football guy for Oswald, and the Lucky Rabbit is back home where he belongs(?).

And then they made Epic Mickey, which...might still have an interesting story, if we can manage to keep playing it. And Epic Mickey is the game that fostered a whole new generation of Oswald fans, maybe or maybe not because they've learned a formerly obscure piece of Disney history. Buncha hipsters.

Anyway, the cartoons were alright. They had some pretty funny jokes, some of which we'd seen in Mickey cartoons. They definitely had appeal, and I can't say with certainty that my indifference toward them has nothing to do with the previous statement of "buncha hipsters." More than that, though, I think it had to do with the music. Since the Oswald shorts were all silent, some of the ones we watched had an organ score added to it (the kind you might hear if you went to the movies back in the 1920's), and one of them had an orchestrated score (like if you'd gone to a super fancy theater in a big city). The orchestrated score was better, but the organ score was so low energy.

After the show, we went on Casey, Jr., to see how the miniature ice castle now in Storybook Land looks at night. We were disappointed to see that they don't light it up, so it pretty much looks like a shadow. (On the other hand, it's possible that they were having electrical troubles, because there was a general lack of lighting around all of Storybook Land...except that all the lights were on in the windows, except for the ice castle. You may be thinking, "But I thought you hated Frozen," and you would be right. But ice castles are still cool, especially if they're lit up.)

Then we came home and watched Agent Carter, and while we are thoroughly enjoying the show, we do feel the need to ask, "Why did she stay in the boat?"

Today I'm thankful for getting to add to our Disney history education, Nestle's triple chip cookies, getting to watch Agent Carter, still being on track to meet our My Little Monster deadline even though we didn't finish it as soon as we wanted to, and Let's Dance a Waltz being the next thing on our list.
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