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Well faulty reporting led us to believe that Noragami 3 was coming out this week, but further research reveals that it's not being released until next week. We did find another review of volume one, though, which isn't entirely favorable, boo. All the reviewers who mention the notes say that they are vital to understanding the series. This bothers us, because our goal is to make it so the notes are a nice added bonus, not required reading. And especially for a series like Noragami, where the notes end up being soooooo loooong, we really don't want to force the readers to read them (although of course we want them to). I don't suppose there are any volunteers out there who haven't read Noragami yet, who would be so kind as to read a volume without reading the notes and tell us if they were confused. Probably a few volunteers would be better... Hmmm...

Incidentally, we keep finding instances of people spelling Noragami as "Norigami," so apparently we're not the only ones who noticed that it sounds like the American pronunciation of origami. It's a bittersweet realization.

Changing the subject, since we've been having a little bit of trouble with our time management lately, we've been wanting to get a calendar. One that we can write all our deadlines on, so we can just glance at it and have a better idea of how much work we need to do. Unfortunately, we lacked the foresight to buy one when we saw them on sale at the grocery store, and now they're gone. So we're thinking we'll just print one of our own. And that means choosing pictures! But we're not sure what we want to do about choosing pictures, so we thought we'd ask people what their opinions on calendar pictures are.

One year, we printed a calendar with pictures of the covers of manga that we translated, and that seems like a good idea to do again. We also had an idea where we could take pictures that represent the manga we work on (for example, a picture of a piano and a violin for Your Lie in April), but we're too lazy to get all those pictures taken before January's over. We have some neat ideas, though. For Missions, it would be a cell phone and a pair of glasses, and for Noragami a five-yen coin with Page's tail (if we can ever find her in a good position and have a five-yen coin readily available (we have at least one somewhere...)). So that's something we just need to keep in mind and work on a little at a time. For Chaika, we thought we'd take a picture of the ghost horse and carriage outside the Haunted Mansion, but that was before we actually started reading the series and now we don't think it'd really work.

Today I'm thankful for Page returning home safely from her adventures this morning, finishing our first draft of My Little Monster, not having to work overtime today, calendars, and there being a store on the way home from Disneyland that sells good photo paper.
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