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EAT IT!!!!

HA! HA HA!!! We have finished!! Take that, insane rush translation! And it's only 12:30!!! Aaahh, life is good. I am very grateful that we were able to get this done; I shouldn't be so cocky.

To try and give an idea of how intense this translation was, the last volume of Fruits Basket we turned in was a 188 page book, and the translation, with the special format that makes things seem like three times as long, was 142 pages on Word. This book, keeping in mind that there were many paragraphs and thus a lot less extra space in the file for the translation, was 32 pages and the translation was 72. It was rough, man. With lots of unfamiliar kanji and almost no furigana and my inability to type making it nigh impossible to look things up. Now I know why Peter was crying when he couldn't get his shadow on.

And all the things we had to look up! We actually still have to go through and fix all the highlighted bits, but that shouldn't take too long. But for the most part, we're done, and we can enjoy a nice, restful Sunday. And hopefully, we'll get a ride to church.

The Peter Pan play was... inspiring. The directors in both of us were going off like nobody's business. Which of course inspires us to put on our own show. Until we realize that that's a lot of effort, and would require more than just us. Heck, maybe we'll do it anyway this time. Also, I kept thinking, "Peter should be more like this! ...which happens to be just like Disney's Peter Pan! We should watch!" But we couldn't tonight, obviously.

And tonight I'm thankful for finishing translations, Peanut Butter Toast Crunch, Peter Pan, learning new things, and heat.

PS: I have music from the Peter Pan Broadway musical in my head, but the show we saw was the original, pre-musical version, edited to give Tinkerbell lines. *sigh*
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