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It's another busy Sunday for us. Apparently we caused a lot of stress for one of the missionaries in our ward, too, because we were very nearly late to church. A lot of people are late to church, especially when it rains in Southern California, but when one of those people is the ward organist, and they don't know if she's actually going to show up at all, and the only person who can step in has just enough training to play a few hymns on the piano, that one person (in this case one of the missionaries) gets pretty anxious about whether or not the organist is actually going to show up. For our part, we just hoped that they'd start the meeting a few minutes late...which they did. Eh heh. But it was a happy ending, because all the music worked out. (I had also agreed to accompany a woman in our ward in the meeting's special musical number.)

Then it was on to teach Primary, which is always exciting in different ways. I think one of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to get the messages to stick. For example, as part of the lesson I asked what prayer is. The kids are so cute. They were like, "Um...Jesus?" (because if there's one thing they've learned, it's that the answer to almost every question is Jesus), and "Um...fold your arms?" I was mostly dealing with three- and four-year-olds today. I said no, and I told them that praying is talking to Heavenly Father. Then, to see if it stuck, I asked them again, "What is prayer?" "Um...Jesus?" "Um...fold your arms?" Super cute! but no.

I'm thinking it might have to do with methods of learning, so maybe a picture or something would help. But then what kind of a picture do you show them to illustrate "have faith" (another of the things we were learning about today)? And so we learn once again that a call to teach is also a call to learn.

Then in Singing Time, the kids are learning a new song, and to help them learn, the chorister had a game that was kind of like Mad Libs, only instead of picking totally random words, she had all the correct words from the song, and when a kid was chosen to fill in a blank, they could pick whichever one of those words they wanted. The older girls in the back were going nuts about it, because they had learned the song before, so they knew all the right words and where they went. So when one of them told Athena, "It's all wrong!" Athena said, "There's a reason she [the chorister] let the Sunbeams [the three-year-olds] go first." The girl thought about this for a second, then shook her fist and said, "Evil teacher!" It was kind of hilarious.

Later we'll be helping with the music for a special "Great to be Eight!" event for the seven-year-olds in the stake, because they'll be turning eight and getting baptized this year.

Today I'm thankful for making it to church today, the faithful choir members, our friend being super nice and driving us to church even though she wasn't feeling well, the same friend being super awesome nice again and driving back to church to pick us up after choir practice, and successfully distracting Page from the big spider that found its way into the room.
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