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Blast from the past

It's another busy Saturday doing chores and helping with the music for baptisms. It was kind of funny this time, with the baptism I mean, because while we do enjoy being able to help out, and music is one of the most fun ways to serve people, baptisms tend to take up a lot of our time, and that makes us whiny. (This is because our transportation comes courtesy of the Stake Primary President, and she always has to be there early, and often has to stay late.) So we were all, "What's even the point? It's not like we know these people!" We almost never do.

But this time! while I was at the piano playing postlude music, a couple of women came up to Athena and started talking. We both assumed it was the usual, "Are you related to Hugh Nibley!?" that we've gotten so many times since moving here (but almost never in Fresno; I wonder why that is...), but! it was some women from the stake we grew up in! In fact, one of them was the grandmother of the little girl who got baptized, so it turns out we do know these people. It is a small world, after all. The moral of the story is: help everybody, because you may turn out to know them after all. (To be fair, we probably would have whined even if we did know we knew them.)

I did feel a little bit bad about it anyway, though, because while the faces were definitely familiar, I'm still having a difficult time figuring out where exactly they fit in my memory. In our defense, they were from a different ward than the one we grew up in, so we mostly only saw them at Girls' Camp. This theory is corroborated by one of the women's testimony that we will go down in history as the Mommy-Daddy-Jaws song leaders (or some odd description of the song that went along those lines (the song in question is simply called "Jaws", and I think it would take me some effort to remember all the words now, but as an added fun fact, it's also the song we used as part of an intricate plot to finagle our way into the 45 Years of Magic Parade at Disneyland back in 2000)).

Today I'm thankful for a fun blast from the past, being done with our chores for today, the suggestion of making drinking chocolate and putting ice cream in it (maybe one day when we're not lazy (AH HA HA HA) we'll try it), finding Page's bug (we knew it'd turn up when we started cleaning), and reminders of the Jaws song.
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