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Year in review

Before I start with the obligatory year in review post, I want to say that we watched the first episode of the Chaika anime and were not impressed. They fit the whole first volume of manga's worth (and then some) into just one episode! So you know they were taking stuff out, which makes sense because sometimes you have to do that in an adaptation, but they seemed to take out the whole heart of the story. Of course, that brings up an interesting question of how exactly do you determine what "the heart" of any story is...

But anyway, year in review. We'll start with the "first sentence(s) of the first post of every month" meme.
Just to make sure people see this, I thing I'm going to mention it every day I post until judging is over. The Manga Translation Battle entries are up for voting, so go check it out!

Bonus January
We're back! Sort of. I mean, we're back on the internet. Other than that, we're not back at all--we're in a completely new place!

Oh my goodness, we've been working so hard that our play list is too long for the weekend! ...Okay, maybe not, but we won't know until the weekend is over. We may or may not take Monday off.

Last week, I posted about the Gospel Essentials class. The week before, I posted about Primary. This week, the two worlds collide!

Today was supposed to be a laid back day, not a "work overtime and not even finish everything" day. Oh well. We always knew UQ Holder! was going to get tricky when the fighting ended. We were also hoping to finish a volume of Sherlock Bones, but we just settled for researching all the references in the massive flashback collage at the end of it. We should be able to finish it tomorrow.

Technically, we're supposed to be at a Relief Society activity right now. It doesn't start until...later (six? six-thirty?), but we've been asked to help set up. We said we could do it, but we'd like a ride, so we got a ride and were told it might be helpful to call and remind said ride of the obligation, and we were like, "Blaaah, phone calls." So we figured we'd just walk if he didn't show up, but we're so tired and sore from all the time we spent on our feet yesterday that we're thinking we might rather just not go.

I thought of something else I wanted to say about My Little Monster but forgot when I was posting about it yesterday. It has a little thing that has been driving us crazy: they're always eating donuts! And they look soooooo good! And we've been craving donuts forever, because there's a donut place right by our grocery store, but we never get donuts there, because we only see it when we're going grocery shopping, and then we're laser-focused on our goal of getting groceries...and we're like, "I'm about to spend way too much money on Southern California groceries; I' don't have cash to spare on donuts!"...and it's a whole extra (medium-sized) parking lot of walking to get there, when we're about to have to walk home carrying heavy groceries, and we're already unreasonably tired from walking too fast in an attempt to get this chore out of the way.

Well, things are not working out the way we'd like in regard to Anime Expo, but they are working out. There is one bus that goes from Disneyland to the LA Convention Center, which is great because it means we won't have to worry about transfers or anything else that could raise the chances of getting lost. What's a little less great is that the walk from our place to Disneyland is not insignificant, and the thought of making that walk in order to get on a dreaded bus is unbelievably unappealing.

Today was so eventful! We went to the bank! We got a text from our sister about a friend of hers selling an electric violin! We got extra silly while attempting to edit our Missions of Love translation! It's kind of a weird thing, because we love Missions of Love so much, and yet, or perhaps because of it, we really hate the idea of editing it. Maybe it's because we get so stuck on it. But we get stuck on everything these days. Maybe we need a vacation. I don't know.
Anyway, we also translated more Saiyuki Twitter.

Well, we expected the ablution scene to take a long time to edit, but we didn't expect it to take that long. I think it took like two hours for that one page. And that one page really only had five items of text! And one of those items was a sound effect, and another one was a "What?", so really those two hours were spent on just three lines. Athena was holding that page open for so long that now the book will open right to it. Unless we try to demonstrate that the book automatically opens to that page, in which case the book is understandably contrary.

Today we received some potentially dangerous (for our work schedule) news. CD Japan has shipped our order, and soon we will have Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMix. We even splurged on faster shipping because it's Kingdom Hearts. I mean, sure we've already played the game four or five or eight times, but we've only played through Birth by Sleep twice...if you don't count playing through as each character as a separate play-through. If you do, we've played it six times, but that hardly counts, and we never did manage to beat the nigh-impossible boss from Final Mix. We gave up on it when we realized there probably wasn't going to be a new bonus movie, and we didn't want to spend another hundred hours of our lives trying to beat another nearly unbeatable boss...until the next re-release. Seriously, I have to shake my head at our determination to spend hours upon hours on these little sidequests.

We're back! Actually, we got back yesterday, but I we were a little too tired to care, and besides, our list of Plans didn't end until this morning, so I figured we were still on vacation a little bit.
It all started Sunday night, when Gaston and Alice arrived for Phase 1 of our Halloween Plans.

Yesterday was the big Kingdom Hearts launch event. By the time the day came, we were just like, "Whatever, let me stay home and play Birth by Sleep." This is due in large part to the fact that we only just started Birth by Sleep on Friday and reminded ourselves what a great game it is. But the other part is that the whole ordeal had caused us so much stress, we were ready to curl up and hide.

I went into that fully intending to only use one or two sentences from each month, but then all the first paragraphs were just so entertaining (to us) that I didn't want to cut them short. At least most of them are short-ish.

Anyway, this last year started out with a bang (moving! aaaahhh!) and then seemed to mostly be just work work work and having a hard time getting rides to things that are a couple towns over. The work work work part is actually really good, because we got a ton of fun new titles to translate and we love them immensely. We started a thing where, once we finish a translation, we write a review of it to post later when the book is on sale, so we'll remember everything we wanted to talk about when the time comes that we can and people will understand what we're saying without spoilers. That was about five weeks ago. The first one we did was Say I Love You 8, and then we did three volume ones. The next one will be a volume four (Noragami), followed by two more volume ones.

Actually, I don't remember when it was that we decided we would treat ourselves to the fancy volcano cake dessert at the Rainforest Cafe next time we got a new title to work on. It was definitely before we got the Noragami assignment. And now here we are, six or seven new titles later and still no volcano cake. Fancy restaurants intimidate us.

We also spent a fair amount of time at Disneyland this year, though maybe not as much as you'd expect based on our proximity to it and love for it. I guess we love not having to walk even more. We also love getting our work done and playing Kingdom Hearts, and there's just not enough time in the day.

And there's been a lot of church stuff. Our ward here is much smaller than any of our wards in Fresno, so when there are people who attend regularly, they get a lot of assignments.

And I'm having a hard time remembering the year because I got hung up on Kingdom Hearts and Noragami. Is everyone reading that yet? It's super good. Noragami, I mean. But the Kingdom Hearts manga is super good, too! Once you get past the first game or two.

Anyway, I think that pretty much covers it. It's been a good year overall, I think.

This year I'm thankful for a ton of fun new titles to translate, all the people who have been so great about helping us get from one place to another, our most-anticipated video game finally getting a release date, getting to go to some great fan events (Anime Expo and Kingdom Hearts), and having a friendly new ward at church.
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