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In with the new (a little early)

Thanks to help from NO ONE, we finished our Noragami script. (Don't mind me; that's just the perfectionism stress talking...and the twisted sense of humor not shutting it up.) Ultimately we decided to go with "crafter," because the only one who would help us was Wiktionary, and that was its suggestion. Also, we thought it was a decent one. Turning in Noragami is always a little scary, because we love it so much, but it's so hard, and there's always this feeling of, "But did we make it the BEST it could be?" But we've read through it, and it seems pretty good, dialogue-wise. Story-wise, of course it's good, but we had nothing to do with that. Now we just have to find time somewhere to write up a reaction post to be saved for the book's release date.

In the meantime, we're hard at work on our next series, which already has a page on Yen Press's website, so we might as well tell you what it is. It's Chaika: The Coffin Princess. We knew very little about it going in, but so far it's pretty fun. There's one character who's so easy to translate that it makes me wonder if Noragami was a bad fit. (Who cares! We'll do a good job anyway! ...I think. Besides, one easy-to-translate character can be found in any series.) It also seems to play with language a lot, and we're not sure if it's with real languages or made-up ones, but that will be some fun research for when we do our edit.

Also, there's a character who doesn't speak the main language fluently, so now we're thinking about how to accurately represent English as a second language. Right now, our best idea is to refer to Disney's Tarzan, because he speaks in broken sentences like this character. And because we like Disney's Tarzan. But if anybody knows of any other movies or TV shows that feature characters speaking English as a second language, we're happy to take suggestions.

Today I'm thankful for finishing another great volume of Noragami, this new series being a lot of fun (we're hoping the anime is on Netflix, because then we can turn off the subtitles and watch it without fear of translation influence), not being outside in the windy weather, Mom calling us with news of paychecks, and Kingdom Hearts [chi] being back online.
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