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Well, we didn't get a surprise work email this morning (or at least not one that changed our schedule in any way), so we're officially going to Fresno for Christmas...assuming we can get to the train station. This is an issue that has me irrationally stressed out to the point of crying. We have "asking for ride" trauma, and our sparkling success stories with Anime Expo and the Kingdom Hearts event haven't helped. I mean, you'd think we could just ask our super awesome visiting teacher(?) again, but after making her drive all the way out to Burbank for us and not really talking to her since, it doesn't feel right to approach her just because we need another ride, even if our destination is a lot closer.

We still have a few people to try, and if that fails maybe we'll just take a taxi. So far all the people we've tried haven't answered their phones. It's...just...irrationally stressful. But the irrationality of it doesn't make it any less real.

In the meantime, we tried to get some work done. Normally working helps, but we're on the hard part of Noragami, and besides, now we're done working and the problem hasn't been dealt with. Noragami was being extra special today. Or I guess we were being extra special with Noragami. It all had to do with Kazuma, of course, because he's the source of most of our Noragami problems. I love him as a character, but man. He was talking about dates, and of course because Bishamon has been around for a long time, like before Japan adopted the western calendar, he's using Japanese terms for dates that are based on the old calendar and take some explanation. So we tried to decide what to do about it, and ultimately we decided to give the dates according to our calendar so as not to slow down the readers, and have a translation note.

Then we were looking up the next line that was giving us trouble, and our quest for information led us to Julius Caesar, which reminded us of the Ides of March. So we thought hey, if there are fancy English(?) names for dates, let's see if we can find those and use them! So we found the Roman calendar, which is where the Ides comes from, and we discovered that the dates are just as complicated as their numeral system. We thought it would be pretty neat to use it anyway, so we could have some fancy words going around...and then we realized if we weren't going to use English anyway, since this whole series is a fantasy set in Japan, we should use Japanese words. So after aaaaaalllll that, we ended up using the Japanese words after all (wording them such that hopefully it at least sounds like an event, if not a specific date), and of course still had a translation note.

Fortunately, despite all that and other such tricky problems, we managed to maintain our usual Noragami pace. So considering that we'll be coming home on Friday, if we get back to work next Monday, we're on schedule to finish just before the 31st, which is our deadline, leaving us six or maybe seven days to start and complete our next assignment (which is a new title, so we have no idea what kind of difficulty level to expect) before it's due...minus the weekend, so four or five days. Unless we decide Saturdays are for wimps or something. And normally four days would be plenty, but we've been working on Noragami, which has yet to take us fewer days than six. Nevertheless, of all the things currently causing us stress, that's probably at the bottom of the list.

Today I'm thankful for managing to make decent progress on Noragami despite its trickiness, the kid we were rooting for winning on MasterChef Junior, still having some Godiva chocolates, the soothing powers of "Boku ni Invitation," and it being snacktime.

ETA: We found a ride to the train station! On Sunday, the Primary presidency gave Christmas tree ornaments to the Primary teachers, but the Sunbeam teacher wasn't there, and since she happens to live in the same complex as us, we were asked to deliver it. We don't ask her for a ride to church, because she's usually getting rides from other people, too. Despite that, I did have hope that she would be able to suggest someone we could call, if we managed to bring up the train situation. But our main motivation was that it would be pretty sad if we didn't deliver a Christmas tree ornament until after Christmas. So, even though we only had a vague idea which apartment was hers, we went in search! Fortunately, we guessed right on the first try, and we delivered the ornament safely. The train situation got brought up, and she recruited her husband to give us a ride, and we are very grateful.
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